When is the right time to cut your losses in the real estate business?

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March 15, 2017
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When is the right time to cut your losses in the real estate business?

The real estate industry can be extremely tumultuous under normal conditions. If you are doing it correctly, you will run into a few extra problems that come with investing. What separates the inexperienced investor from the pro is knowing when to throw in the towel. Now, we are not saying that as soon as you find a water leak in your property you should give up, but you need to be aware of your investment as all times.

For many investors, this means having a solid exit strategy before you are able to commit to a new project. A solid exit strategy allows you to drop one project and go after another within a few days. For some investors, this could be after a certain number of repairs exceed their comfort level. Along the lines of property renovation, an investor could have a financial cap set in place before they decide to pull out on their investment.

Research makes perfect in real estate

imagesddAn experienced real estate investor takes their time to thoroughly vet a property and the geographic area before making an offer. They will most likely go through an extensive checklist before making a decision. Sometimes hard money lenders in Texas are able to help you with your research, however, most of the legwork is up to you.

Enough research can tell you the right amount of money you should put into the property. Often many investors bite off more than expected with a property. In the event that the repairs begin to outweigh the possible revenue that you are expecting you should begin implementing your exit strategy.

When is time to step away from your investment?

The moment you feel as though you are not going to make any profit on the property is the time you step away. Some investors will tell you to stick it out a little longer, while most will tell you to stick with it. In the long run, you must do what is right for you. Maybe you have expended all the money you set aside for the project.

Most of the time at this point other investors will not want to or be able to help you in your investment. One of the most important details that you want to remember about real estate is timing. Your timing is everything.

Say you ask your hard money lender in Texas for an additional loan from more construction, however, recently there has been a decline in the demand for homes. Now, you have a home that may not sell for the next two or three months. With a hard money lender, usually you will have a fairly short term loans this will not work.

With an exit strategy, you give yourself more options

Allowing yourself to leave your investment if you need to, till ultimately save you thousands of dollars in the end. It may seem like a loss at first, but a loss will hurt much worse if you are left with debt.

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