April 25, 2020

Expectations to Consider with Commercial Arizona Hard Money Lenders

Have you ever thought about working with a commercial Arizona Hard Money Lender to start building a career working in the real estate world? Learn how […]
April 25, 2020

Breaking Down Trust Deed Investing

Trust Deed Investingrefers to an individual making a loan to another individual using real estate as collateral. The collateral is typically real estate and can be […]
April 25, 2020

Why, When & How to Work with Residential Hard Money Lenders in Arizona

Residential Hard Money Lenders in Arizona offer financing for homes when banks won’t. They’re geared toward helping real estate investors when they want to purchase a […]
April 25, 2020


The need for financing of cannabis marijuana business operations is booming with the legalization of medical marijuana in Arizona. In 2016 legal recreational and medical cannabis […]
April 24, 2020

Can Arizona Commercial Hard Money Lenders Help You Flip Without the Fix?

If you’re a residential flipper you know it’s tough. You might even have cough from all the drywall you’ve inhaled and your hands might be scarred […]
April 23, 2020

How to Spot the Differences in Arizona Construction Loan Options Today

There are many Arizona Construction Loanoptions on the market today. Knowing key differences makes it easier to get approved and find the right financing for your […]