Level 4

Level 4

Level 4

Im there for you. 2/26/21 HO HO HO

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Miss You




Intro It was nice talking with your contact info.

See Sample(intro.jpg) Send 6 times

Miss You


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Miss You


Miss You Dude Im trying to contact you.

See Sample(miss.jpg) Send 6 times

Miss You #2



Send a 1003 Application


Miss You #2




Miss You Dude I am trying to contact you. Send 6 times


Second try to send them a missed you. Different Subject Lines.

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Miss You Did not Open XXMISS xxxx@L4Fxxxx.us

1.    Trying to Contact You Immediately

2.    Are You There? Im Trying to Contact you. 2 Hours

3.    We Can Help. Im trying to Contact You. 2 Hours

4.    Need to talk with you about your loan request. Please call. 8 Hours

5.    Just Checking in, trying to contact you. 8 Hours

6.    Hello, Im Trying to Contact You, Important. 2 Days

Miss You #2 Did not Open XXMISS2 xxxx@L4Fxxxx.us

1.    I Tried to Reach YOU by Phone. Give Me a Call When You Get a Chance. Immediately  

2.    Are You On The Other line? Give Me a Call When You Are Available. 2 Hours 

3.    Most People Do Not Listen to Voicemails. Emails Can Be Easier. 2 Hours

4.    Trump Says CALL ME. Give Me a Call at Your Earliest Convenience. 8 Hours

5.    I'm Really Confused About This. Private Hard Money Help is Just a Call Away. 8 Hours

6.    Ring, Ring, Hello? Im trying to Contact You. 2 Days

Intro Letter Did not Open XXIN List xxxx@L4Fxxxx.us

1.    It Was Nice Talking To You! Immediately

2.    Here Is My Contact Information 4 Hours

3.    Can I help you with your loan request? 8 Hours

4.    Here is a quick application for your loan request. 8 Hours

5.      Give me a call If we can Help. 2 Days

Investing in Deeds of Trust Did not Open DDINV  DENNIS@LEVEL4FUNDING.COM

1.    Information on Investing in Deeds of Trust Immediately

2.      Investing in Deeds of Trust Information You Requested 1 Day

Monthly News Letter XXIN List xxxx@L4Fxxxx.us

27 Emails in the program run 5 day apart various times