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Alternative Business Loans Arizona Entrepreneurs Best Option

Exploring alternative business loans, Arizona start up and small business owners could be surprised by their options. There are many reasons that an alternative loan could be your best choice.

Traditionally, when a business owner needs money to fund a startup or to grow a fledgling business, the first stop is their local bank. But there can be many hurdles to overcome when seeking a loan from a traditional lender. Alternative lenders provide business loans Arizona small business owners actually have a chance of securing and that is just one of the many benefits that they offer.

There are two main benefits to working with an alternative lender. The first is that the approval rates are much higher than a traditional lenders and the second is the fast approval and funding time frame. As an independent entity, there is not the mile of red tape to slog through with most alternative resources so borrowers enjoy a much better customer service experience for the most part and a higher success rate.

When alternative lenders offer business loans, Arizona borrowers will discover that the lenders tend to be more flexible on terms as well as qualifications for the loans. Alternative loans are therefore a good option for a business looking to finance inventory or for working capital which is not something that banks will approve. In addition, the alternative lender is not as likely to require that the business owner use personal assets as collateral for the loan. Which offers the borrowers more confidence in the lender and personal security as well.

Personal Credit is Not an Issue for a Business Loan in Arizona.

Poor personal credit is often a factor that will derail business loans Arizona business owners are seeking. Banks are not willing to process a business loan without a deep dive into the personal financial status of the company owners and even some of the other major officers of the company. That is not an issue for alternative lenders as they are primarily interested in the merits of the business and not the owner’s personal finances.

Arizona Business Loans  – Time is On Your Side

Anyone who has applied for any type of loan from a bank knows that the process can be long and arduous. A personal mortgage loan can take weeks to process. But a business loan application can actually drag out for more than three months. By the time a bank is willing to fund a business loan, the need for the money could be gone, the opportunity could be lost and the business could even be floundering. Business deals are often time sensitive, but traditional lenders tend to overlook that fact. Great opportunities to grow a business don’t appear every day, so business owners need to be prepared to act when the opportunity arises. Securing a loan from an alternative lender is a great way for an Arizona business owner to maximize an opportunity to expand, diversify or land a huge client that might otherwise have gotten away.

Obtaining a Business Loan in Arizona

In Arizona, every year thousands of people seek out loans to help smooth the transition into entrepreneurship. These business loans in Arizona can be provided by banks, private lenders and even governmental grant programs provided by the state.

There are almost 400,000 small business in Arizona with almost 300,000 with no employees or staff. Each year, 8 out of 10 businesses that have been in business for a year or less will fail. Lenders tend to avoid lending to businesses because of this high-risk factor. You may, however, need a business loan in Arizona for heavy expansion. Do not be surprised if you are not able to secure a business loan for the first two years.

Taking out a business loan in Arizona differs from a personal loan because you will need to provide proof of consistent revenues. The institution that you are applying to wants to verify that you are bringing in consistent income. You may be disqualified from obtaining a conventional business loan if the banks see your organization as high-risk.  The high-risk assessment is determined by the bank calculating the number of sales, clients and contracts you obtained within the past year. If your company is not viewed as a growth company, a stream of increasing sales, then you will be denied a loan.  Additionally. if you have a poor credit score you will also be denied a business loan.

The term and interest rate are dependent on the term of the agreement you sign. A business loan in Arizona can be made for five to ten years with interest rates of 10% to 20%. The loan may be renewable if you are struggling to repay the loan. The loan from a conventional lending institution most likely will want you to provide a personal guarantee as well as collateral of 2:1 to 3:1 to approve the loan.  Understand that if your business fails then you will need to continue paying the loan or lose your capital.

Getting the Help you Need to Succeed with an Arizona Business Loan.

You will need the advice of a good attorney for the establishment of the business as well as a good CPA for financial setup which includes pricing of your product and a proper accounting system. You may consider, if you have employees, utilizing an outside payroll service so you are assured that the taxes are paid properly and you minimize your exposure.

If you are still determined to open your business and the avenue of securing a conventional loan is not a viable option, then you may want to seek non-conventional financing.

If you are starting a new business, seek out an equipment lender that will do a lease back of the equipment to you. You will also want to consider angel investors, credit cards, and friends and family.  If you are purchasing an existing business then you will want to seek out hard money/asset-based lenders, A/R financing, and invoice funding.  These avenues all have high interest rates attached to them and you will need to know that the business can cash flow the debt obligations. If you are seeking to secure a loan, contact Level 4 Funding for guidance and structure of the right loan or loans to make your dreams come through.

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