Why it’s Important to Find a Flexible Lender When Commercial Real Estate Loan Rates are High

When you need a loan, finding a flexible lender that is able to negotiate for your best interest, even when commercial real estate loan rates are up, can help you get the best value for your money. Level 4 Funding shares why this is important.

Obtaining a loan can be tricky business. In fact, over half of loans that are submitted are typically denied. While this can seem very daunting for someone who is trying to obtain a loan, it’s crucial to remember that there are many options out there when seeking a loan. Conventional loans are very difficult to receive approval for, but there is hope in knowing that non-traditional lenders are there to say “yes” when banks have already said “no.” Even if you have less-than-desirable credit, you are a first time investment purchaser or current times mean high commercial real estate loan rates, you can still get approved.

Traditional banks are very rigid when it comes to approving loans. There is a lot of bureaucracy and red tape that must be dealt with conventional lenders — and they are rarely very flexible. That’s why hard money lenders are a good option. They can be a lot more flexible because rather than focusing on credit score, your business plan or other criteria, they are more interested in the assets of your business or the property you are purchasing which can serve as collateral. You will need to ensure them you have the collateral to put up and perhaps provide a brief outline for the business or property you plan to purchase.

While these lenders deal in short-term loans which typically have high commercial real estate loan rates, if you find a reputable lender who truly believes in your business plan or is flexible enough to negotiate better rates for your loan. However, because short-term loans typically have a repayment schedule that ranges between three months and three years, naturally the commercial real estate loan rates are going to be higher than a traditional long-term loan that allows for many years for repayment. Sometimes the commercial real estate loan rates associated with a short-term loan are simply higher because the lender is making a high risk by approving a loan that would typically (or already has been) declined by a traditional lender like a bank.

There is one more thing your lender might want you to provide commercial real estate loan rates.

Many short-term lenders will want you to provide you “exit strategy” from the loan. For example, would you sell the property? Refinance with a more conventional lender once the business starts earning a profit? It’s important to prove how you will build cash flow so you can ensure the lender you’ll be able to make the repayments on schedule.

It’s also important to find a hard money lender you can trust.

While getting the best rates are crucial, it’s also important to work with a lender that is reputable and you truly believe that they have your best interest in mind when creating the loan agreement. Level 4 Funding can help you get the loan you need (sometimes in as little as 24 hours) with people you can trust.