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Dennis brings with him substantial experience in Marijuana Business.  A certified grower with extensive experience in growing and dispensaries.  Dennis started in the business in the early stages learning from the experts who were pioneers the grow industry.  He worked in grow houses using drip, ebb and flow, and wick process.  He was one of the first recipients of the LA County Id Cards.  He has experience in various strains of Cannabis, but his all-time favorite was LA Confidential (hard to grow) and Sour Diesel (easy to grow).

Dennis holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University with majors in Computer Science and Business Management.

He is a Licensed Mortgage Broker, Licensed Mortgage Originator, Licensed Real Estate Agent, Licensed Insurance Agent in Life /Health/ Property /Casualty Agent, Certified Sort Sales Specialists (CSS), Certified Negotiator (CNE), and FAA Licensed Private Pilot. .

Married for 44 years with two girls and 5 grandchildren and an Arizona resident for the past 42 years. Licensed AZ MB 0923961, Licensed AZ MLO NMLS 1057378.


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  • Roger Johanson
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    Roger Johanson
  • Rick Carrol
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    Rick Carrol