Lender Summary & Disclosure

General Information

  1. Types of property we look to broker funding are Non-Owner Occupied Single Family Homes, 1-4 Family Homes, Commercial Office and Land.
  2. Loans are commercial purpose Loans such as fix/flip, rehab, rental, buy hold, and bridge loans.
  3. The length of the Loan is 6-24 months, with the possibility of extensions if you desire. However, there is a possibility of paying the Loan off in less than one month, but typically Loans have a prepayment penalty of six months of minimum interest. This means if the borrower(s) pays off the Loan within the first six months, the borrower(s) still owes the remainder of the interest. After six months, there is no prepayment penalty.
  4. Loans usually have a low Loan to Value (LTV) ratio of 70% or less, which means that the borrower(s) puts in 30% of their own money to complete the transaction.
  5. What does Level 4 Funding receive? First, we receive a broker fee, and points, for brokering the Loan. They are typically 3 points plus a $995 documentation fee paid in escrow by the borrower.
  6. Are there Loan Servicing fees? Yes, there are, but you pay for none. We deliver the cost for Loan Servicing, or the borrower(s) pays the price. The Note is serviced by our preferred vendor Evergreen Note Servicing.
  7. How do you, the Lender, get paid? You get paid by bank ACH transfer from the servicing company, but only if the borrower(s) pays.
  8. We are not selling the Note; Level 4 Funding LLC is acting as Mortgage Broker, Licensed in Arizona, MB 0923961, acting as a broker between you and the borrower(s). Some employees at Level 4 Funding LLC have also licensed Arizona Real Estate Agents and Insurance Agents. We do not act as dual agents on any Loan; however, some broker agents will have transactions where an employee at Level 4 Funding LLC is also employed as the broker agent.
  9. You will fund the Loan for the borrower(s) in escrow at an Arizona Title Company, and the funds need to be wired one day before the closing of escrow. The Title Insurance Company is First American Title Insurance Company. In Arizona, the Title Company will also act as the Escrow Company. Each Deed of Trust is insured by a Lender ALTA Title Policy from First American Title Insurance Company.
  10. There is no contractual relationship between Level 4 Funding LLC and First American Title Insurance Company or Evergreen Loan Servicing, nor does Level 4 Funding LLC receive any compensation from these vendors.
  11. The Note is secured by the 1st Deed of Trust, a First Note Lien Position on the property. This means you have the 1st position on the property and are 1st in line to be paid.
    The Note pays a high interest when compared to other investments.
  12. Notes are only for qualified Lenders making short-term Loans.
  13. Many of the borrowers are repeat customers with excellent track records.
  14. Borrowers are screened using the traditional Loan application to determine their ability to service the Note and pay back the debt.
  15. The property is covered by fire and hazard insurance with you as an additional insured loss payee.
  16. All property taxes and property liens are paid current.

Documents provided to you at closing.

  • Note Summary, disclosure, and collateral information which includes:
  • Name and address of the owner of the property securing the Loan.
  • Application of borrower(s) and credit report relative to the borrower(s) ‘s ability to meet the Loan’s obligations.
  • Any property improvements or utilities on or adjacent to the property.
  • Terms and conditions of the Loan being made and sold, Loan details.
  • The status of any liens on the property.
  • The Promissory Note.
  • The recorded Deed of Trust with you as the Beneficiary.
  • Title report.
  • ALTA Title policy with the Beneficiary to you.
  • HUD 1 Settlement Statement.
  • Personal Guarantee.
  • Property Valuation by a Competitive Market Analysis, Broker Price Opinion, or full Appraisal.
  • Evidence of Hazard Insurance with you listed as additional insured.Borrower(s) Corporate Documents if applicable.


Potential Loss of Investment

Level 4 Funding LLC (we/us) is not selling the Note; Level 4 Funding LLC is acting as Mortgage Brokers, Licensed in Arizona, MB 0923961, between the Lender (you/your/Beneficiary) and the borrower(s) for a Loan(Loan/Note).

Your investment is at risk. There is no guarantee that this investment vehicle will be successful, and there is a possibility of failure and the complete loss of your investment.

You are sophisticated and can absorb any loss.

The security of the proposed investment may be just the value of the real estate.

If the borrower(s) fails to pay — you will not get paid. You only get paid if the borrower(s) pays. Nonpayment by the borrower(s) will result in loss or delay of cash to you.

Loan Servicing is handled by our recommended Loan Servicing Company – Evergreen Note Servicing.

You are the Beneficiary of the Note/Loan. You control the Note and Deed of Trust through a Trustee and are listed as the Beneficiary to the Deed of Trust. The Trustee, by default, is listed as First American Title Insurance Company, a Nebraska corporation P.O. Box 2922 Phoenix, AZ 85062.

The bankruptcy of the borrowers(s) causing long court delays could result in the total principal and interest exceeding the real estate security market value.

It would be best to view the property by at least driving by.

Level 4 Funding LLC or its employees;

Do not guarantee the Loan and is not obligated to:

  • buy back the Loan,
  • create a resale market for the Loan,
  • to sell the property,
  • assign the Loan to another Lender,
  • to service the Loan.

You may need to foreclose on the borrower(s) to recover the property and sell the property to recover your initial investment, one-time payments and fees, and foreclosure fees.

If you foreclose you:

  • are the person in charge that handles the foreclosure and associated costs,
  • may need cash to complete the project or to make the property marketable if you foreclose,
  • may have to pay for forced placed insurance,
  • may have to pay past HOA fees, other liens added since closing, and past/future utilities.

You are funding the Note for your account, for investment purposes only, and without any intention of distributing or reselling any of the Note, either in whole or in part.

You are committing your funds for the term of the Note. The Note is fixed for a period and rate; once executed; you may have difficulty getting out of the transaction if you need the cash.

You may be able to sell/assign the Note, but this may not be possible. Usually, Deeds of Trusts are not liquid; resale before maturity may result in a loss to you. Therefore, level 4 Funding LLC does not sell/buy/assign Notes.

Level 4 Funding LLC, Brokers, Agents, and employees are not: attorneys, real estate appraisers, financial planners, securities dealers, or accountants, and we do not advise these professions. See competent advice from attorneys, real estate appraisers, financial planners, securities dealers, and accountants before you enter this agreement.


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