Advantages of Hard Money Loans Arizona

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May 29, 2018
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May 30, 2018

It is true that hard money loans cost more in interest and fees than most traditional loans. But there are several advantages of using hard money loans Arizona.

Most borrowers are focused on trying to find the most affordable lender when they are seeking a loan. And thinking along those lines is likely to keep many borrowers from taking advantage of all of the benefits of hard money loans Arizona. But investing just a few minutes in exploring the advantages of hard money loans could easily change some borrower’s opinion of hard money loans Arizona.

As a business person, your time is very valuable. And hours spent completing traditional loan applications are costing you money. The time could be better spent managing and growing your business. The much simpler application process of hard money loans Arizona is a great way to save yourself time and the stress that is associated with completing forms and compiling bank statements and other documentation.

Another advantage of hard money loans is the fact that you will not need to submit your personal banking and financial statements to the hard money lender as you would if working with a bank. Traditional lenders are interested in business creditworthiness and financial health as well as the personal financial situation of each owner of the business. However, a hard money lender is only focusing on the current market value of the property which will be the collateral for the loan.

Self-Employment is Not an Issue

Many banks and traditional lenders have very specific criteria for funding a loan when the borrower is self-employed. This can make it even harder than normal for a borrower to qualify for a loan. But a hard money lender does not see self-employment as a negative. And in some cases they prefer it as it shows initiative and the desire to commit to hard work to become successful.

Used Correctly Hard Money Is a Great Tool

Hard money loans are not the perfect solution for every borrower. If you are looking for a long term loan, or if you need to borrow the entire purchase price of a property, then hard money lenders will be of no help to you. But if you are looking for a short term loan that can be funded quickly, then hard money is for you. The application process is much less lengthy and the criteria for approval is related more to the actual current market value of the property than it is your credit score. So borrowers with poor credit or no credit will have a fair opportunity to secure a hard money loan.

Not only is applying to many banks time consuming but it is also humiliating to be turned down time after time. But you can avoid the embarrassment and the wasted time by presenting your request to a reputable hard money lender. With a solid plan to purchase and resell for a profit, you have a higher than average chance of getting the funding that you need from a hard money lender.

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