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November 6, 2018
November 6, 2018

iStock_000004311792XSmallWhat type of down payment do I need for a hard money loan?  Is a down payment required?

The answer is, no a down payment is not always required. However, there is a difference between needing your own money for a down payment and being prepared to use some of your own money towards your potential property. Certain lenders will require a certain percentage as a down payment— that percentage can be calculated from your credit score and/or your real estate investing experience. Don’t get nervous; Arizona hard money lenders are not as concerned about your credit as they are your hard assets. You DO NOT have to have perfect credit to be approved for a loan. Most Arizona hard money lenders will work with you if you have a FICO score of at least 550. However, depending on the lender, you may have to put a little more of your own money down. Lenders that require a down payment usually will ask for between 10%-20% down with decent credit and around 25%-30% for bad credit—remember this is SOME lenders.

The good news is there ARE lenders who will only require a 10% down payment (and you may find one that doesn’t require one at all—although, that may be prove to be a little more difficult). With only 10% down, you are looking at a lender that will fund your investment at 90%.

All lenders use a different underwriting process. Underwriting uses the criteria they gather from you to assess the lender’s risk. That criteria will determine if there is a down payment; or determine the total down payment. Regardless, of the process they use it will be a much more lenient process than a traditional bank loan.

Can I find an Arizona hard money lender that will fund 90% of my investment?

Absolutely! However, you will have to research for those lenders and find out their requirements. Arizona hard money lenders that ask for a down payment are doing so to lower their risk. Also, borrowers that have something to lose put extra effort into the project.

A lender may fund you 90%, leaving you with only 10% of the cash flow to produce. Keep in mind that many times a borrower may not have to put much money as a down payment, but will have a money gap. If there is a money gap you will need gap funding. Gap funding is the money needed to fund an endeavor that is not currently being provided by debt, cash or equity. Essentially, it’s a second mortgage on a fix-and-flip or rehab loan. You can get gap funding from a Arizona hard money lender, as well. Make sure when you meet with your lender you ask them about money gaps.

You can get into real estate investing with little or no money of your own.

It is possible to get a hard money loan with only 10% down. However, you must fully comprehend your circumstances and what tools will be necessary to make that happen. Find a lender that you feel comfortable with, set up a meeting, bring all your information and, most importantly, ask questions!

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