Arizona Hard Money Construction Loans: Is it the Help That’s Right For You?

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page2-img2If you’re looking to finance a construction project, you may be wondering where to secure financing. If land in your area is scarce, if your planned development is something others consider a pipe dream or if your credit situation is less than ideal then you should consider the benefits of hard money Arizona construction loans.

Yes, traditional banks offer loans for construction projects. However, they avoid risk by applying a rigid bureaucratic checklist to see who qualifies. If you as a borrower don’t tick a box specific box, don’t expect your deal to close. Plus the terms of any agreement you strike with a conventional lender are likely to be as inflexible as the concrete foundations you intend to pour.

Hard money is different. This type of lender is usually an investor or group investors, who are not beholden to government regulations or typical bank bureaucracy. Hard money providers can look beyond a rigid checklist when it comes to you and your project. As investors, they are more interested in your projects potential instead of your credit score. Of course, this type of loan will cost you more than a conventional bank loan, but it offers many advantages.

Ask Yourself these Questions to determine if a Arizona Hard Money Construction Loan is the right help for your situation:

There are three basic questions to ask yourself to determine the right type of financing for your construction project:

  • When do you need the money?  Expect a traditional bank loan to close no sooner than 30 days, after, you have gone through the tedious rigmarole of completing their application process. In the case of hard money, most deals can close within days. This speed can allow you to secure the purchase of an attractive parcel of land before other developers.

  • How much flexibility do you need?  Banks have very rigid loan terms from which they will not divert. They have a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to construction projects. If your proposed project is, say speculative, a traditional lender is not going to renegotiate the terms of your loan if you run into difficulties. Hard money offers more leeway to speculative developers who might need a bit of deference. As investors, hard money providers might be willing to tailor the terms of your loan and your repayment schedule to meet the needs of your unique project.

  • Can you qualify?  Once again banks have a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the type of borrower who is eligible for financing. If a particular aspect of your financial history doesn’t meet the bank’s criteria, you are out of luck. In the case of hard money, if your project has enough potential your personal financial situation is irrelevant.

Arizona Hard money construction loans benefit borrowers who need speed, flexibility or those who are in unique financial situations.

If you need to secure the purchase of a prime piece of land quickly, don’t wait around for a conventional bank, approach a hard money provider first. If your proposed construction project doesn’t exactly fit the mold, hard money providers can work out a deal which can meet your needs. If you have been turned down for conventional financing in the past, hard money can get your construction project off the drawing board and into reality.

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