Insider Tips on Commercial Mortgage Loans

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November 13, 2017
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November 14, 2017

Insider Tips on Commercial Mortgage Loans

unnamedThe process of obtaining a commercial mortgage is not as simple as one might think. Knowing a few bits of insider information will help you to manage your expectations and have more success when applying for a loan.

Beginning your search for the perfect commercial mortgage can be a bit of a disheartening experience. You quickly learn that the process is long and tedious at best and frustrating and disappointing at its worst. But having realistic expectations and a little bit of honest information about the process can be very helpful in relieving your anxiety and getting you the loan that you need. So listen to the promises of potential lenders and then temper their time estimates and other information with some well-known facts from industry professionals.

Time can be a critical factor when you are seeking a commercial mortgage. After all, you either have a need for a property or have found a property to fit your needs and you are ready to make the purchase. So the last thing that you want to learn is that another company or investor has bought the property out from under you. In an effort to be expedient and efficient you are polling lenders to see who can work within your tight time line. And the canned response will be around a month, tops. This statement is made with a smile and possible chuckle that almost certainly is revealing a bit of fabrication. The cold, hard truth is that processing a commercial loan can easily take over 45 days and many reach almost three months. Understand that the process is slow and you will not be able to change that fact.

Knowing that it can take up to a few months to complete the process, also understand that it can take weeks before you even get the nod that you are approved. The flip side of that is that you wait weeks to learn disappointing news and then you are forced to begin the process again with yet another lender. So when time is of the essence, you are wise to start the process with a few lenders and see who meets your timeline and who is actually willing to offer you a loan.

Saving Time and Money

Knowing that you are applying to several lenders for a single loan, it can be tempting to look for ways to save on costs and possibly speed up the process. Many borrowers want to pay out of pocket to have the property appraised and then submit that document to each lender. The idea is reasonable but in the end it is not cost efficient. By law, each lender must order an appraisal themselves so your appraisal and the fees are wasted.

Do Your Due Diligence

Begin the process of seeking a commercial mortgage with as much information as you can possibly gather. The time that you invest in learning the process and the technical jargon of the commercial loan industry will be rewarded with a great return on your investment. You will have realistic goals and timelines throughout the process as well as less stress.

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