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September 16, 2016
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September 20, 2016

If you know a thing or two about California private money then you probably know that there are several different types of loans that you can get with this particular kind of financing. For instance, if you are looking for a rehab loan then your best bet in securing that loan is either via a private lender or a lender that offers hard money financing.

HouseRehab loans are essentially loans that allow you to modify an existing commercial property in order to increase the overall value or worth of the property. These particular kinds of loans are typically not so easy to come by even when dealing with private niche lenders that thoroughly understand your goal and business vision. But, just because it is more challenging to secure rehab loans with California private money does not mean it is impossible.

In fact, if you do your research you can find a few reputable private niche lenders that are willing to lend a helping hand. Generally, one of the best ways to find these kinds of lenders or any lenders for that matter is to first do an extensive search via your state’s lender directory or you can start small even by doing a cursory online search of private rehab lenders. With the online lender directory, you will be able to narrow down your list of potential lenders based on the loan amount desired, the type of project i.e. industrial, commercial, land or multi-family, etc. If on the other hand, you choose to do a cursory search via a search engine such as Bing or Google, you will find a variety of local niche lenders that may be of use to you. Moreover, you can also find your future private lender by referral if you are looking for options closer to home or without the hard money middle man i.e. obtaining financing from a business associate or family member, etc.

Regardless, of where or how you find your potential niche lenders, it is important to know what each specific lender expects. In other words, you may have found a few good California private money lending options that will ultimately result in you securing a rehab loan, so make sure you know what is required of you so your business remodel is quickly funded.

Rehab Lender Expectations

Of course, it’s important to note that private money, in general, is more flexible. Consequently, what one rehab lender will require or need from you another rehab lender more than likely will not. With that being said, it is still in your best interest to learn up front what each potential lender does or doesn’t need from you.

Things to Consider with Rehab Lenders

Lastly, when dealing with your private lender remember that they generally want to some protections in place just in case you do not make the agreed-to improvements. You should also consider the extent of the project, the upside to the remodel, your personal financials and the possible prepay penalties that your private lender has a right to impose if they so choose.

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