Deed of Trust Definition – What is a Deed of Trust

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January 3, 2017
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January 10, 2017

Deed of Trust Definition – What is a Deed of Trust

What is a Deed of Trust?

A deed of trust (also know as trust deed) is a deed (piece of paper usually recorded at the county) that gives legal title to real estate to a trustee. It secures the note (Mortgage).

There are three parties to this type of title. They are:

  1. The Trustor (Borrower),
  2. Beneficiary (Lender) and a
  3. Neutral 3rd part called the Trustee.

They are written so that the lender gives money to the borrower to purchase a real property (home) and the borrower signs a deed of trust giving the power of sale for property to the natural 3rd party trustee to be held in trust for the lender. (I like to think the trustee takes the Deed of Trust and puts it in the top drawer of their desk and waits.) The borrower owns the property, but the title is held by the trustee.

This is noted in the Deed of Trust and is called the ‘power of sale clause’ for example:

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