Does Our Government Really Hate US? Really?

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January 10, 2017
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January 13, 2017

Does Our Government Really Hate US? Really?

What’s wrong with our economy?

One of the technical terms used when evaluating a healthy economy is a term called velocity of capital.  What this means is how fast  money is moving around from one person to another,  or defined as “The velocity of money is the rate at which money is exchanged from one transaction to another and how much a unit of currency is used in a given period of time. Velocity of money is usually measured as a ratio of GNP to a country’s total supply of money.


As you can see from the above graph the Velocity is on a steady decline.  So what causes the drop? My opinion is that there are two main reasons:

  1. People (consumers) have stopped spending money.   They are sitting on a boat load of cash and they are in a wait and see mode. 
  2. The second reason why there is a decline is that the government has put up road blocks to keep spending money.  One of the biggest road blocks enacted are the Dodd-Frank Regulations  that are making it extremely difficult for individuals to purchase homes. 

When someone purchases a home it’s not just the seller and buyer who are happy.  There are those downstream of this  closing  that are going to be happy when the home closes.  Typically the listing and selling agents are happy, but there are others who also benefit from this happiness and make a living off of the sale.  Sure the buyer is happy, they have their dream home they always wanted, and the seller is happy since the can move to their next home,  or maybe get rid of the current home.  It’s going to be a Happy, Happy, Happy fest.  The agents who listed/sold the home can’t wait till they receive the final HUD 1 is completed and the title company sends out the checks to the brokers.  Most agents keep a list of the transactions in their pipeline and like most agents, their spouse is quizzing them on the transactions.  My wife usually says, ‘got anything closing this week’?  She says this specially during the holiday season.  I’m happy to say that yes!.  This is going to be a good Christmas.  However there are many others who will benefit from this transaction and will have a happy Christmas.

  • Title company and the title agent are getting something from this transaction, like title insurance & escrow fees.
  • The loan company, Loan Officers, Loan Brokers, Underwriters, support staff, company sales rep also benefit.
  • Home Inspectors, and termite inspectors are getting some of the money.
  • Handyman who will fix the conditional items from the homeb inspection also get a piece of the deal, and don’t forget all the hardware stores will get a piece of this pie when the handyman  buys a new faucet or  other item to be fixed.
  • Tax payers benefit when home taxes are being paid in full with collections of future taxes.
  • Insurance companies are writing a new policy.
  • HOA’s are going to receive a transfer fee and maybe impact fees.
  • Neighbors are going to be happy to see a new neighbor.
  • Disabled Vets are going to receive all of the  stuff the new home owners are going to give away before they move.
  • Utility companies are going to get a change notice and if the account is past due, they are going to get paid.
  • Appraisal companies will get their piece of the pie also.

iStock_000002302749XSmallIt is amazing when you think of all the people who will touch this transaction to complete the deal at all.  BUT what’s really startling is how many people will be able to keep their job, put food on the table and survive. 

With all of this occurring, we should sell homes all the time, but I’m shocked by the road blocks our government has put in place to stop this from occurring.  In an effort to fix the last collapse of the housing industry, the administration has generated a mountain of mind numbing regulations to stop consumers from purchasing a home.  It’s like passing through  gates of hell to get a loan.  We have gone too far in the wrong direction to fix the problem.  The incoming administration has indicated that they are aware of this problem and is promising to fix the regulations ASAP.  Let’s get money flowing again!

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