Finding the right Alternative Lender for your Commercial Loan

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September 2, 2017
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September 3, 2017

Finding the right Alternative Lender for your Commercial Loan

You may be seeking an easier way to get a commercial loan through an Alternative Lender. But with the bewildering array of options out there, how do you find which one is right for you?

Brandon-Abney-Arizona-Home-Mortgage-FHA-Specialists-150x150Have you been trying to get financing from a traditional bank, only to be turned down after a rigorous and exhaustive application process? Non-bank institutions are offering innovative loans to those who don’t meet the higher standards of traditional banks. But any online search will quickly reveal a bewildering array of options in terms of alternative loans. How do you find the right one for your needs?

The main reason to seek a loan from an alternative lender is that such sources often don’t set the same high standards as traditional banks. But what types of loans do these groups offer and how do you know which one is right for you? Broadly speaking alternative lenders offer three types of unique loans, cash advances, micro-loans and invoice financing.

A cash advance loan involves the issuing of lump sum in exchange for a percentage of future sales (i.e. credit card transactions). These loans are easy to qualify for and are usually quickly approved, but this comes with the disadvantage of extremely high interest rates and frequent payments that could eat away at revenues. Micro-loans are the most similar to traditional bank loans, but are often for smaller amounts and with a much faster application process. However these loans often require an excellent credit score and a well-established business. Invoice-financing involves borrowing an amount of money against unpaid invoices. This is great if you have many outstanding invoices and need quick cash to cover the shortfall. However if your customers don’t pay their bills, then you are responsible for paying off the remaining balance along with any fees or interest. This is simply a broad overview of the types of loans alternative lenders offer, indeed there are many more, but you will always need to take into account the needs and structure of your business before seeking financing.

What should you consider when getting a commercial loan from an alternative lender?

Consider how your business operates, the consistency of your cash flow, what you need the money for and how quickly you need it. Referring to the three types of loans described above as examples: Seek a cash advance if you need money quickly, your business is relatively new or if your credit score is low. By contrast you may want to seek a micro-loan if your business is well-established and your credit looks good. This can be a faster way of getting a small amount of money at a relatively low cost. Invoice factoring may be ideal if you have many outstanding payments from your customers and need money quickly to plug the gap in your revenue stream.

Ask yourself the right questions before seeking financing an alternative lender

Finding the right loan is always about asking yourself the right questions and thoroughly examining your situation. There are many other types of loans which alternative lenders offer. But the three types of loans described above apply to specific situations. Consider your specific situation to determine the specific type of financing you need. Armed with this sense of purpose you will be better equipped to navigate through the many financing options available online.

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