Helpful Tips When Applying for Commercial Loan Financing

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November 10, 2017
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November 13, 2017

Helpful Tips When Applying for Commercial Loan Financing

Handsome young man looking confidentlySeeking commercial loan financing can be very stressful for even a seasoned business owner. But having a few tips in mind as you prepare can help to reduce your stress level and improve your appeal to lenders.

Regardless of the industry that you are in, seeking commercial loan financing is going to force you to enter the deep end of the finance world. All commercial loans are scrutinized much more closely that personal loans and the process is longer and more arduous. But having a few tips in mind as you prepare for the process can help you to be better prepared which will speed up the process and allow you to refocus on your daily business and move forward with your purchase more quickly.

Because of the large dollar amount of many commercial loans and the higher risk in commercial loan financing due to financial volatility, the amount of paperwork required for a loan application is rather large. As a rule you can assume that you will need to provide at least three to five years of budgetary information, tax statements and also financial assessments for your business. If the business is less than three years old, it is also likely that you will need to provide personal financial and tax documentation for the past several years. Organizing this large pile of data can take some time. It is wise to dedicate yourself to preparing this standard document package prior to contacting any lenders. Presenting a professional looking packet that is well organized and complete will demonstrate professionalism and attention to detail to potential lenders. And having the document prepared will reduce your stress knowing that the arduous task if completed.

Pick the Right Time to Apply

Most businesses operate on a cyclic nature. It is not uncommon to have predictably slower times. Understand that your past three to five years of financials will verify the cycle. But also know that it is important to demonstrate that you have the funds available to weather any upcoming slow period. Building cash reserves and reducing spending prior to a slow period will show lenders that you have a reliable plan in place to allow you to make you payments and meet your commitment for any commercial loan financing that you are requesting.

Be a Boy Scout

It might sound very cliché or over simplified but be prepared. Not only will this show potential lenders how serious you are about getting a loan but it will also show professionalism. Lenders are looking for these small indications of how you handle a new process or a stressful situation to demonstrate your personal and business character. In addition, having materials prepared, understanding the application process and knowing the terms of the loan that you are requesting will provide you with confidence and peace of mind. The application process can take a month or more but knowing that you were well prepared will allow you to return focus on running your business and not worrying about the processing of your loan application.

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