How to Find Alternative Commercial Lending Texas Programs

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September 12, 2017
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September 12, 2017

How to Find Alternative Commercial Lending Texas Programs

Brandon Abney Arizona Home Loan FHA SpecialistsGetting a loan through a conventional bank loan can be difficult, but there are many alternative Commercial Lending Texas programs that help companies get the extra capital they need to build their business.

Up to 40 percent of all business loans are rejected. Even for well-established businesses, getting a loan from a traditional bank is challenging. The amount of the loan might exceed the bank’s lending limits, the company may lack the credit history or high credit score the bank requires or any number of factors contribute to why a bank rejects a loan application. However, a non-traditional lender can help you find an alternative Commercial Lending Texas program that will serve your loan needs.

There are many new non-traditional loan options that businesses can seek. For example,, that offers new businesses that may not yet have an established credit history, a chance at a quick loan – sometimes within just a few hours of application.

Revenue-based financing is another option for growing businesses that need a more steady cash flow to keep the company afloat. With this type of program, businesses can get a loan for the amount of money they estimate to receive via credit card sales in the coming month. The company’s receivables are used as collateral in this case.

Inventory loans are specific to companies that are looking for fast capital to purchase inventory to keep their shelves stocked and fulfill their orders. These are also time-sensitive, quick-approved loans that allow business owners to get the inventory they need right away to keep their business moving forward.

Alternative Commercial Lending Texas programs can often be approved quickly because they don’t have to go through all the bureaucracy of convention loan applications that traditional banks require.

If you’re looking for a fast-approved loan, but may not have the credit history, detailed business plan or other criteria that a traditional bank needs to approve a loan, an alternative program might be right for your business. Alternative lending options keep your company moving forward and help you achieve business success.

Do your research before selecting an alternative Commercial Lending Texas program.

Because there are many types of lending programs, there is certain to be one that is specific to your business’s needs. Speak to a lending professional to find out the right type for your business. An expert can help you determine your business’s loan needs, help you understand the differences between the various alternative choices, and ultimately help you decide which program will be best for your business.

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