How to Use Spec Construction Loans for Investing in Real Estate

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April 12, 2018
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April 14, 2018

How to Use Spec Construction Loans for Investing in Real Estate

Are you thinking about purchasing an existing property or rehabbing a property in need of repair? If you are, you’ll want to investigate builder or spec construction loans. These loans are used to finance single property, multi-unit residential properties or commercial buildings to sell for a profit.

A number of projects with high Return on Investments (ROI) are passed up because the builder/speculator cannot secure a conventional construction loan from a bank. Hard Money spec construction loans can be used for new builds, rehabilitated older property to be sold for a profit, a group of homes, a multi-family dwelling or a commercial property. If the project makes sense, and you can cash flow the higher interest rates for the loan, then a hard money loan is right for you. They are easier and quicker to secure with little concern about credit or income details, so long as the project makes sense and the builder/developer has sufficient experience. A concern will focus on the profitability of the project.

Hard money loans are short term in nature. These loans can be used for the purchase of a new property or refinance an existing project. These loans usually do not cover the carry cost during construction but you can fold into the loan cost of construction/renovation plus a short period for selling or renting the property. At closing these loans (spec construction or rehab) will have an escrow established and disbursements (draw) for each stage as the project is completed, pay for the property or refinance of an existing one. Payments on the interest are often due fro the first month. Borrowers will need enough cash reserves or cash flow to pay the holding costs, including but not limited to the payment on the loan, taxes and insurance.

The construction loans are draw loans, in other words, as the stage of construction is completed and the city/county and loan company’s inspector signs off, the lender will pay (issue a draw) for that stage of the project. You need to have enough funds to float these expenses until these funds are released.

Some of the Different Types of Loans

Fix and Flip: Do not miss an opportunity. Hard Money loans offer you the opportunity to purchase the property, rehab and sell for a handsome profit. You will need to demonstrate that you have the experience and expertise to buy, rehab and sell for a profit. Purchase and Rehab: If you have a property that is old and rundown, you will need to demolish it and rebuild to the expectations of today’s buyers or renters. Spec Construction Loan or Purchase and Build: If you have a lot and want to build a home or multifamily project, then this loan is your vehicle to begin the project. No owner occupied and only for resale or rental income.

In order to qualify, consider the following: Underwriting based on asset, no proof of funds or seasoning required, no 4506’s, foreign nationals are welcome as well as most credit scores. Having experience in building/marketing real estate is also an important consideration.

You’ll find terms up to 20 months interest-only payments, minimum loans that vary, but can start at about $350,000, and 4 to 7 points with interest rates that are typically around 10 percent. If you are considering proceeding with a purchase or rehab of a property, contact Level 4 Funding to team up with you and guide you to the loans that best fit your needs.

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