Level 4 Funding is now offering private placement for investors

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November 15, 2013
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November 15, 2013
hard money Mortgage arizona

Hard Money Mortgage Arizona

Mortgage Mortgage broker, Dennis Dahlberg, of Level 4 Funding in Phoenix, Arizona is pleased to announce that Level 4 Funding is now offering private placement for investors, giving them a fixed 8 percent return on their investment. “This is a very nice first for us at Level 4 Funding,” says Dahlberg, “We are happy that we are able to do it for our investors.”

Level 4 Funding brings together licensed real estate agent Dennis Dahlberg and his extensive 40 years of experience in residential real estate and Arizona Licensed Real Estate Agent, Mark Gowlovech, who, as a recruiter, was responsible for $600,000 in annual sales.

In addition to a fixed 8 percent return on investments, Level 4 Funding is also an Arizona mortgage broker, a tremendous process that not many fully complete. However, being an Arizona mortgage broker is partly why Level 4 Funding can offer such fantastic returns on investments.

“We can offer to help investors now,” explains Dahlberg. “As well as offer a full array of Mortgages.”

For more information on what Level 4 Funding can do for you and your real estate goals, go to https://level4funding.com/ or call 623-582-4444.

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