Spotting a Business Loan Arizona That Is Too Good To Be True

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June 3, 2018
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June 4, 2018

Spotting a Business Loan Arizona That Is Too Good To Be True

(Looking for a great deal on a business loan Arizona is smart. But you need to be able to determine which offers are legitimate and which are actually a scam.)

When you are searching for a business loan Arizona, it can be difficult to tell which lenders are legitimate and which are actually running a scam just to collect fees from unsuspecting potential borrowers. But completing your due diligence will reveal some information that will give you a good indication of which firms are legitimate and which are scams. There are some legitimate lenders who do request a processing fee when you submit your request. So that is not always a sure sign of a scam but there are a few dead giveaways.

When researching lenders to submit loan applications to, it is wise to always eliminate any that are outside the United States. This will greatly help to reduce the number of shady or fake lenders that you will be speaking to. Any lender who is outside the country is not going to be forced to follow any U.S. laws and that greatly increases the potential for you to become a victim of a scam or to have your personal information and identity stolen. In addition, if you are working with a firm who claims to be in the United States and then in fact is not, stop all transactions. A business who is hiding their location is more than likely not legitimate.

If you are told that there are no qualifications to be met for business loan Arizona approval, you are likely dealing with a fake company. These “firms” are likely to say that they charge a somewhat substantial fee for the loan request to be processed but then the fees are applied to your loan points. And that it is just a formality because there are no criteria that you must meet to get approved. These are all lies to get you to pay the fee. Once you pay then the lender never calls you again and will not return your calls or emails.

Don’t Be Fooled By an Office

Even if the company has a nice office in a respectable neighborhood there is no guarantee that they are legitimate. In most cases the office is in another state or city and all that you are seeing are pictures on a website. Not only is the office likely to belong to someone else but the entire business could be nothing more than a person who is running a website and collecting application information to sell as well as bilking borrowers out of application fees.

There Is No Free Loan

You are never going to find a legitimate business loan Arizona that is offered without any fees or interest. Lenders are in business to make money just as you are. So always look very closely at the entire contract and all of the fee and payment structure of any loan that appears to be too good to be true.


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