The Process for Commercial Real Estate Loans Texas

Understanding the Repayment Terms of Commercial Real Estate Loans Texas
September 20, 2017
Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Commercial Real Estate Loans Texas
September 20, 2017

The Process for Commercial Real Estate Loans Texas

As the name implies commercial real estate loans Texas is the means that you will use to borrow money to purchase a business property. But what you might not know is how the process works and how you need to prepare.

When you begin to look at commercial real estate to purchase for your business, you will find that the prices are quite high. The only reasonable approach to purchasing a property is to get commercial real estate loans Texas. But don’t fool yourself into believing that this is just like getting your home mortgage loan only a little bit larger. The process is much more complex and will require careful and detailed planning on your part to be successful.

The first important fact to know is that commercial real estate loans Texas are secured by a lien on the property that you are buying. This is a document that gives the lender the legal right to seize the property if the borrower does not make the payments or fulfill any of the other terms of the loan agreement. In some cases there are very detailed clauses in the lenders agreement about the types of other loans that the borrower can enter into or the types of business partnerships or agreements that they can enter into during the time frame of the loan. This is just one reason that you would want to have any loan document reviewed by your legal professional prior to signing it. If you fail to meet any of the terms, even those that are not associated with making the payments, you could be in violation of the agreement and face a foreclosure.

In addition to the security of holding a lien on the property, the lender is going to require that you build instant equity in the property by making a down payment of 20% to 30% of the cost of the property. This is because the value of commercial real estate is more volatile than residential property. The economy can cause the price to fluctuate more quickly and drastically and the lender wants to be certain that the value of the property is always in excess of the loan amount. This insures that if the lender is forced to seize the property, then they can sell it to recover their full investment.

Learn the Terminology

In order to fully understand your commitment to the lender, you will want to take some time to learn the terminology that is common in commercial real estate loans Texas documents. This is how you will learn about the time period that you have to repay the loan and also how you will determine the total cost of the loan, the interest and the fees.

Have Your Documents in Order

It is also important that you have all of your businesses financial documents in order prior to applying for a commercial loan. You will need current and historical bank statements, rental agreements, balance sheets and tax records. If the business has no credit history, is only a few years old or has no previous loans then you will also need to be prepared to submit your personal financial information to the lender. This could be used to determine your creditworthiness to personally guarantee the loan for the lender. Knowing this information can help to make the process less stressful and more successful for your business.

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