How to Obtain a Commercial Loan Despite Bad Credit

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April 2, 2018
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How to Obtain a Commercial Loan Despite Bad Credit

While commercial lending rates are up, there are still many individuals and businesses that are finding it difficult to obtain the commercial loan they need. Fortunately, there are lenders that offer greater flexibility.

In 2017, small banks approved 49 percent of funding requests—quite a jump from 2008 when about 80 percent of small business owners received a rejection. That still leaves over 50 percent that are not getting approved and you may have found yourself one of these. Don’t give up on your dreams. There are other lenders that you can turn to when banks say no.

Hard money lenders are one of these options. They are usually private lenders that base their loan qualification standards on the collateral or assets of the property or business. While most banks require credit scores in the 700 range, private hard money lenders do not have these strict qualifications. They will want to know what your plan is for the business or property and what your exit strategy is. After all, this is how they will receive their capital as most offer interest-only payments for a set amount of time. These lenders offer short-term loans with terms that usually extend from 3 months to 3 years. Because they approve loans that have been declined by traditional lenders, there is usually an increase in risk and, therefore, a higher percentage rate often applies to the commercial loan.

These types of loans are helpful for young or new entrepreneurs who may not have the credit score required by traditional lenders. If you have a high-risk, high-return business strategy, a hard money lender may very well have the capital you seek. Many of these types of lenders are not risk adverse. In fact, if you can get them excited about your proposed business plan, have the necessary collateral, and some experience in your chosen segment, chances are good that you will leave with a loan. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all the required assets must come from the proposed business. Many individuals start their own business by using the collateral that has been established in their home or other investment properties.

What are Possible Exit Strategies in a Hard Money Commercial Loan?

Your exit strategy is an important part of obtaining this type of loan and one that you will want to consider before interviewing potential lenders. Here are a few of the strategies that businesses use: they sell the property or refinance with a more traditional lender after a property has been renovated or a business is showing a profit. Self-amortizing can also be considered, though it is a little risky. While most hard money lenders allow you to pay interest-only payments while you are developing your business or property, you may want to consider paying both principal and interest during the full duration of your loan so that it is paid off upon maturity. You will need to determine just how you will create this cash flow in order to be able to make the scheduled payments.

At Level 4 Funding, we offer hard money commercial loans that are quick to funding and require little paper work.

We offer three simple steps to obtaining your loan: a loan application, purchase contract and written approval, all of which can be accomplished in as little as 24 hours. Call us today to see if we may just be the lender that can make your dreams come true.

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