Tips to Secure a Business Loan Arizona

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May 16, 2018
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Tips to Secure a Business Loan Arizona

Securing a business loan Arizona can be challenging. But following a few tips can greatly improve your chances for a fast approval.

Securing any type of loan can be a very stressful process. But the application process for a business loan Arizona can appear extremely overwhelming. Unlike a personal loan application which is fairly simple and straightforward, a business loan application requires a great deal of information about the business and even the personal finances of the owners or principles of the company. To ensure that you are investing your time in a successful loan application, you will want to be sure to follow a few simple tips that have been found to produce successful results.

The business finances are critical to any loan approval as you might expect. The company should have been profitable for at least two years to have a good chance at securing funding. Having financial statements and credit reports in good order before requesting a loan is very important and will save you a great deal of time when completing application. Also having the owner’s information readily available will make the process less stressful.

In addition to financial information, lenders want to have a good understanding of the company, its history and the experience level of the owners and senior management team. This means detailing the birth and growth of the company as well as explaining the business plan and reason for the loan request. Simply stating that it is for growth or expansion is too vague. Explain what the funds will be used for, how they will benefit the company and the expected return on the investment. Details about how the loan will help the company achieve goals in the five and ten year plan will demonstrate strong and experienced leadership and increase the lenders confidence in your business.

Think Local

Unless you have a very large and well established business, a local lender might be a better option for a business loan Arizona. Local lenders tend to place more value on business history, involvement in the community and the local economy. Large national lenders work more from a very strict formula for loan approvals where a local lender has the ability to “bend” the criteria slightly to process loans that are less favorable. Knowing this though, be certain to have a very well prepared and detailed loan application for local lenders. They will be even more motivated to learn about your business and the professional history of the management team.

Be Well Prepared

When seeking any business loan Arizona, detailed preparation is your best tool for success. Detailed financial information and history about the business will help to establish the creditworthiness of the business. This information presented to a local lender in a professional format is going to create a good first impression for you and for your business. And though the process might take some time, you will find that you stand a much better chance of getting your application approved.

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