Why, why did you wait till the last minute to call me for help?

Has anyone seen Mary, my Ex-Girlfriend?
October 25, 2017
My mother said to keep my mouth shut and don’t cause problems.
October 25, 2017

Why, why did you wait till the last minute to call me for help?

It’s happened all the time.

Every Friday, just before I’m ready to go home the phone rings.

On the other end is a frantic home owner who desperately needs to refinance their loan.

They say Now.  I mean NOW!  Why I ask.

They say “because we are in foreclosure and the sale
is set for Monday at 10AM.”

You mean like next Monday, in 3 days?

Now what do we do?

I tell the owner they have a few options that I can think of:

  1. Start packing dude, you are going to be moving.
  2. Call an attorney and explore the options of bankruptcy. 
  3. Sign a deed over to us and we will pay off the existing note Monday at 9 AM and the home owner (now the ex-home owner) can stay in the home. (To be honest, I’ve never done this.)
  4. Get a new loan, pay off the existing loan and stay in the home.

They usually go for Option 4 – a new loan.  (Dude, you dummy, that’s why I’m calling YOU!)

The big problem is that there is not enough time to get the deal done.

We cannot move fast enough, and I’ve have learned that you should never do a deal until you have a preliminary title report and a commitment for title insurance.

But overall the real big problem with option 4 is that:
I have a hard time getting you a new loan when
you have not made good on the current loan.

I say, “How can I expect you to make the new payments when you
did not make the current payments? I’ll be the next person doing a foreclosure.”

I usually hear F*** You , and they hang up.

Sometimes they go into a long explanation of how it’s not their fault, and so and so caused them to not make the payments.  Usually it’s an ex something or other that caused the problem, or some other hard to understand why explanation as to the reason they did not make the payments.  Never do they admit it was their own fault; it’s always someone else’s fault.

I just don’t know what to tell these callers when they call.  Do you have any ideas?

Maybe I should keep some boxes in my office and they can come and get them?

Anyway, there is going to be a home for sale on the court room steps Monday at 10AM.

Maybe I’ll get a call from the lucky buyer and get them a Fix/Flip loan.  Yeah that’s it.  That will work!

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