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Why the higher interest rates on Arizona hard money loans?


You might have heard the term “hard money” drifting around in current years and thought about the opportunity of buying a home this way. However, the higher rate of interest that go along with Texas hard money usually frighten debtors away. Ensure you know the implications of Texas hard money before writing it off entirely– you never know exactly how you can make it help you!

The initial point to know is that Texas hard money loans are equity-based. That indicates that your qualification for a financing does not originate from your credit score, capacity to pay, or job standing. As a matter of fact, the loan is exclusively based on what the residential property is worth.

Exactly what does this mean for you and your lender? Essentially, it suggests that you have not been able to be accepted for a standard mortgage. It also indicates than a hard money lender is taking a significant danger by allowing you to acquire his or her private money temporarily, not 100% certain that they will get it back. Hard money lenders take a significantly greater risk compared to financial institutions due to the fact that the loans are based so little on you and so much on the property value.

One more point to bear in mind is that Texas hard money loans are normally shorter in length compared to bank loans. Often, the terms of Texas hard money loans last anywhere from 6-36 months, but can easily vary depending on the circumstance. It is important to remember that the longer you have the loan for, the more interest you will pay. Texas hard money is designed to be a short term loan for investment properties or short term financial needs.

An additional factor customers experience is a little bit higher rates of interest. This is because they are not required to pay any application costs, processing fees, paperwork charges, or closing costs. All of those expenditures accumulate quickly and they have to be considered in some way.

The major explanation Texas hard money loans charge a bit higher interest rates is due to the significant risk on behalf of the lender. These lenders go where banks decline to go, and they lend to those people who would not be able to obtain financing otherwise. They don’t examine a customer’s capability to pay– they merely depend on that borrower to be true to their word.

What about LTV with Texas hard money?

Essentially, the LTV represents the Loan to Value ratio of a Texas hard money loan. Sometimes, debtors could receive approximately 80 % of the money that the residential property is worth. Usually, this number is anywhere in between 65 % and 80 %. This is determined on a case by situation basis and is a choice made in between you and your lender. One of the reasons this is a bit flexible is that a Texas hard money loan is given by a private lender or investor, not a bank. Banks have strict guidelines they have to follow. While hard money lenders do have to follow all federal regulations and laws, they have more discretion when it comes to approving loans and their hands are not tied.

If a Texas hard money loan sounds like the right loan for you, call our office today!


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