Why Understanding the Basics Helps to Avoid Red Flags on Commercial Loans

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March 29, 2018
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March 30, 2018

Why Understanding the Basics Helps to Avoid Red Flags on Commercial Loans

Applying for commercial loans is normally a long process. It is important to avoid raising red flags to keep the process as stream lined as possible.

Understanding the basics of commercial loans is critical to completing a loan application correctly and not raising unnecessary red flags which will slow down or stop the application evaluation process. Most commercial loans are offered for between 5 and 10 years but the amortization period is up to 25 years. Requesting a loan for a longer period of time is not normally an option but can indicate to lenders that you might be concerned about your ability to pay the loan in full in the allotted time frame. A standard down payment of 20% to 25% is expected on commercial loans. Again, this is a fairly non-negotiable fact as is a loan to value ratio of 80% or less.

One of the first red flags that a borrower can trigger is by demanding an unreasonably fast loan approval process. Some loans and lenders require 90 days or more to process and fund a loan. In a best case, it will require at least 6 weeks to process a loan application even if you have previously worked with the lender and been successfully awarded funds. An experienced and confident borrower knows the timeframe involved and has planned accordingly. Trying to rush the process indicates either inexperience which could jeopardize your approval or that your financial situation is about to change and you want to get approved before your creditworthiness drops.

Another red flag jumps out if you appear to be withholding information or are intentionally providing vague answers. A lag in response time might not be because you are trying to hide information but even if it is because you are not well prepared or are disorganized, the result is still a negative mark against you. Requiring continued requests for the same information is not going to make the lender bored and cause them to stop asking. It is going to make them worried or more curious and they are going to dig even deeper to find the reason for your secrecy.

Be Realistic

Finally, requesting a loan which is in excess of the 80% loan to value standard is going to create unneeded issues. The first thought is that you have not completed you due diligence and you are unaware of the actual property value. This makes you look ill prepared and unprofessional. The other thought is that you are simply disregarding the standards set by the industry. This makes you appear to be unrealistic and also self-absorbed as if the rules do not apply to you. Neither of these will create a positive image for you with the lender.

Avoid Any Unnecessary Issues

Most commercial lenders adhere fairly closely to the industry standards for loan terms. Understanding these terms and being realistic with your request will keep the process moving at or ahead of the average pace. But trying to rush or refusing to honestly answer legitimate questions posed by the lender will only cause unnecessary questioning of your business and financial stability which could eliminate your chance of securing a loan.

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