3 reasons multifamily commercial lending will maintain its momentum heading into 2018

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September 14, 2017
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September 14, 2017

3 reasons multifamily commercial lending will maintain its momentum heading into 2018

iStock_000001468073_MediumCommercial lending in the multifamily sector continues to evolve. This is good news for investors and lenders alike, as change brings with it valuable opportunities.

No business opportunity is a sure thing, but detailed research can help your company make informed and highly profitable real statements investments. One of the most important pieces of information a company should identify is which industry niches are the best fit for investment. The odds of investing in industrial properties, for example, are hard to predict due to political uncertainty and unrest.

Commercial lending opportunities in other markets, particularly multifamily, continue to perform well regardless of forces that are impacting the rest of the industry. In fact, data from the Mortgage Bankers Association revealed that multifamily mortgage loan originations increased by 28% in Q2 this year over the previous quarter, said CoStar. A number of key considerations are keeping the market primed and ready for companies to make strategic investments. Understanding these factors will also sheds light on why investments in this sector represent a smart option for your company.

1. Rental Forecasts Remain Optimistic – A critical trend driving multifamily commercial lending is the fact that the demand for rental properties continues to rise. A recent study completed by the National Multifamily Housing Council and the National Apartment Association said that the industry is near, with 4.6 million new rental spaces needed across the country by 2030. Several cultural trends, including delayed marriage and shrinking interest in homeownership, are making investments in multifamily an attractive long term bet.

2. Commercial Lenders Keep Evolving – Stagnancy can turn a once bustling industry into a dead-end. Just look at the shopping mall. That being said, no one can accuse the commercial multifamily sector from resting on its laurels. According to Forbes, recent changes in the industry include a greater focus on building up neighborhoods surrounding core markets, greater reliance on analytic data and more nuanced approaches to evaluating value-add redevelopments. The more these into your own investments, the better prepared those properties will be for the future.

3. REITs Keeping The Industry Competitive – Traditional commercial lenders may not be so interested in locking down their multifamily investments immediately if not for added pressure from ambitious real estate investment trusts (REITs). These bodies of investors don’t need to depend on lenders to play the commercial real estate market, and have been purchasing up multifamily properties at an alarming activity. This activity puts the pressure on traditional lenders to make funds available to those willing to invest in multifamily, lest the best opportunities get snatched up by the new players in town.

Don’t Take Research And Due Diligence For Granted When Investing In Multifamily Real Estate

The more time and effort you put into evaluating your options, the more likely your company will see a significant return on its investment. That’s why taking your time to research such investments is well worth the manpower and resources.

A vetted hard money lender will ensure that your company has the funds they need to take advantage of the booming multifamily sector.

Don’t put off a tactical investment just because your company can’t get ideal financing terms from a traditional commercial lending professional. Private lenders can provide you with the capital you need to act now.

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