Tactics to negotiate a better hard money deal

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April 30, 2018
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May 3, 2018

Tactics to negotiate a better hard money deal

You may be seeking a hard money loan and looking for the lowest possible interest rate, but there may be additional costs you could be unaware of beyond the interest rate. You will be at a disadvantage if you aren’t aware of these expenses and don’t try to negotiate with your lender.

Some private lenders may earn their profits by charging fees rather than collecting interest payments. In the worst case scenario, an unscrupulous lender could lure in borrowers by advertising a low-interest rate, all the while charging them exorbitant fees. Even if a lender is reputable, borrowers should be aware of any additional expenses when it comes to their loan.

Private asset based lenders are business savvy and approach each loan as a business deal. There is always room to negotiate the terms of any business deal, and the same holds true for your loan.

The most apparent expense on an asset based loan is the point fee, which is a percentage of the loan amount which is paid by the borrower up front. You should do your best to negotiate the point fee because depending on the size of your loan this cost can be considerable.

You as a borrower need to be aware of the cost of your loan in points and any other fees that may apply.

Which fees can you negotiate when it comes to hard money loans?

In the first place, there’s the underwriting fee, which is the cost of a lender’s due diligence. The cost of underwriting can range from 750 to 2,500 dollars depending on an individual deals complexity. In addition depending on your circumstances the cost of servicing your loan could also be a factor. Loan service fees cover the cost of recording payments and generating reports, and this price can be considerable. A lender may charge a fixed monthly payment or charge a given percentage of the loan amount annually.

In addition, be aware of any late fees, or any potential change in your interest rate if you miss a payment. You will want to keep these fees as low as possible because if you miss a payment due to financial difficulties, higher interest rates and late fees will make it harder to catch up.

The main advantage of asset based lenders over traditional banks is that they are flexible and that their is always room to negotiate the terms of your loan. If you don’t try to negotiate these additional fees you may be taking on an unnecessary expense.

Take advantage of the flexibility offered by hard money lenders

Some of the fees mentioned before may or may not apply in your case. But you should try to take advantage of the flexibility offered by private lenders. If you are a borrower with considerable experience and strong collateral on hand, in most cases your private lender will work with you to negotiate any fees.

In short don’t look at an attractive interest rate when shopping for a loan. If you want to get the best deal possible, know the fees that are being charged and to do your best to negotiate.

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