How to Understand Hard Money Loans

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April 30, 2018
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How to Understand Hard Money Loans

If you learn about the process of hard money loans, you can figure out how to get the best loan to suit your business needs. Level 4 Funding shows you how.

When it comes to learning about hard money loans, it helps to start at the very beginning, with what they actually are. These are unconventional loans that are not reliant on banks or traditional lending institutions for funding. Private sources fund these types of loans, whether it be an individual or a group that helps assist with the funding. Most often, these loans have a short repayment term cycle and are typically used by the borrower to purchase investment properties.

The qualification process for hard money loans it totally different than applying and approval for a traditional loan. In the latter, a borrower needs to complete and submit an application process to the bank or other conventional lender. The process is often very detailed and lots of documentation is required of the borrower. The borrower must also share credit score and history, and provide details about their financial status in order to be considered for the loan.

For unconventional loans, the process is based upon collateral, and the current market value of whatever collateral the borrower is able to provide. Collateral is the value the borrow puts up as a way to offer the lender security of the loan. This could be a car, the person’s home, another building or event the building/property that is being purchased, for example. The lender requires this as security that if for some reason the borrower can’t make payments, than the lender takes over the collateral and can sell it to recover their funds. In this type of loan, the funding individual or group is less interested in the borrower’s credit score or even their currently financial situation. It’s all about collateral.

This is important for borrowers that have less than ideal credit scores or have a ding in the credit history somewhere along the line that makes it difficult for them to obtain a conventional loan. The value of the collateral or the property in mind to purchase needs to have value equal (or likely higher) than the amount that is being requested to borrow. This gives people breaking into the world of investment property purchases a good place to start.

Now that you know…

This is a huge benefit of hard money loans that people don’t often realize at first. While conventional lenders can often be intimidating and the loan applications very challenging, the process of this type of loan is very straightforward. Investment properties, fix-and-flip homes and other property purchases are all great for this type of loan. It offers the cash upfront (and fast!) to make the purchase happen. Then it’s up to the borrower to take their investment purchase to the next level in order to profit to the maximum.

Working with this type of loan has great potential

For those without stellar credit or even those that are just starting to establish their business credit scores, these loans are the way to go. A private lender such as Level 4 Funding can help beginner investors with a short-term loan to build their investor career.

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