Advice about Getting Commercial Real Estate Loans

Three Factors to Consider When Evaluating Commercial Loans
September 24, 2017
4 Tips for Getting Commercial Loans
September 24, 2017

Advice about Getting Commercial Real Estate Loans

4page_img1Most business owners are not very familiar with the process of getting commercial real estate loans. But these pieces of advice can help you to manage your expectations and succeed when you are ready to apply for a loan.

When you find a great commercial property that you want to buy time becomes a huge factor in everything that you do. Your first question to most lenders is about how quickly they can get your application processed and get you the money that you are requesting. Tip number one is that the standard answer in the commercial real estate loans industry is 30-45 days to complete the process. But the truth is that in most cases it takes more like 60-90 days to get through the process. Some of that could be due to ill prepared borrowers who are missing documents and information on the application but part of it is also going to fall back on the lender and their processes. So be prepared to spend several months ironing out the processed of completing commercial real estate loans.

Rule number two is to keep your options open. You never want to rely on just a single resource for anything in your business and commercial real estate loans are no different. You need to have a backup plan for several reasons. In some cases the lender might have very strict qualifications that you might not meet. Another issue could be the time that it takes for a lender to process your application. And even after you have applied and been approved, you might find that you are not in favor of some of the terms that the lender has in their contract. Having several options allows you to carefully evaluate your options and make a selection that is best for you and not just for the lender.

Tip three is one that can save you some money. Don’t get talked into requesting an appraisal on a property yourself. If you think that it is going to save you time and money, you are wrong. You can’t submit an appraisal to multiple lenders and save money. By law the bank must request their own appraisal and they must also have an environmental study completed on the property.

Start Small but Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big

Starting with local banks and your local Small Business Administration office is smart. Local banks and smaller lenders are often willing to work very hard to beat out the competition for your business. But don’t forget to check out your options with some of the big lenders. Different lenders have different criteria for loan qualification as do lenders of different sizes.

Think Outside the Box

If your first application or two gets turned down, don’t give up. There are many different types of lenders out there. You might need to look into alternative lending options to start with and move to a more conventional lender in a few years. But take the knowledge and experience you have gained on the first few applications and keep looking for your perfect lender.


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