American State Bank Announces Delightful News with the Addition of New Commercial Lending in Texas Officers.

Getting the Best Terms on Your Commercial Mortgage Texas
September 20, 2017
Commercial Real Estate Loans in Texas Have High Expectations to Recover Quickly from the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
September 20, 2017

American State Bank Announces Delightful News with the Addition of New Commercial Lending in Texas Officers.

In the wake of the devastating news across southeastern Texas with damaging Hurricane Harvey, American State Bank was eager to announce the addition of experienced professionals as the new Senior Vice Presidents on Commercial Lending in Texas. Todd Tutt and Richard Solomon are being welcomed with open arms in hope that their expertise will strengthen the industry in the Lone Star state after suffering a bad 2nd quarter and now the damages caused by the storm.

The Business Insider reported that American State Bank’s President, Kelly Sanders, is thrilled to add lenders to the team at this caliber. Mr. Tutt and Mr. Solomon are valuable assets and received nothing but praise from their new boss. Sanders also mentioned that the two new Senior Vice Presidents of Commercial Lending in Texas will bring the service the community banking industry and local businesses are looking for and need to grow and succeed, all with a personal touch.

American State Bank also expects that the new additions to their team will be able to provide swift decisions for local consumers and commercial clients. The bank’s team also offers cash management options along with loan solutions for not only existing loans, but for potential future loans as well. The state of Texas is looking for all the expertise and help they can get to recover.

Todd Tutt brings over 25 years of local banking experience, serving the banking community of the Tyler area his whole career and being a Tyler native. The other new Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending in Texas at American State Bank, Richard Solomon, brings around 30 years of professional banking experience and comes from Dallas, Texas.

American State Bank is eager to serve the community with experienced officers in the commercial lending in Texas industry.

The locally bank has been operating for an impressive 100 years and is a full-service bank to the community of Tyler. They provide all of the community’s banking needs to local businesses and customers. Plus, they add personalized service to all of their customers that they service in the cities of Tyler, Arp and Chapel Hill, all located in Texas. TexasBank is striving to become even better and offer the community even more stellar customer service with professionals highly experienced in the banking and lending field.

The area will see many benefits with more experienced professionals in commercial lending in Texas, especially after Hurricane Harvey hit the state hard

Before Hurricane Harvey rocked the southeastern portion of the state, the industry of commercial lending in Texas was already suffering. The Houston area saw an incline in vacancy spots in the 2nd quarter of 2017. In fact, they saw the highest percentage of commercial vacancies since the year 1994, with a vacancy rate of just under 20 percent. American State Bank is hoping that these experienced new additions to their team will help the area recover quickly from the real estate slump and now the damages brought on by Hurricane Harvey.

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