Arizona Trust Deed Investing

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July 17, 2020
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Arizona Trust Deed Investing

A lesser-known option for investing in is trust deeds. They have high returns, a low entry point, and more security than many investments. 

Investing in trust deeds gives you an opportunity to invest with lower risk and a higher chance of great returns, often in double digits. When people invest in real estate, they are generally experts in the industry. However, with trust deed investing, you do not need experience because this is not a hands-on investment. 

Exceptionally High Returns

The stock market is completely unpredictable. You can have the best portfolio but there are zero guarantees it will perform well. However, when it comes to investing in trust deeds, you are guaranteed a specific return over a specified period of time. Generally, these returns are much higher than other investments produce. 

Low Entry Point

You do not need a huge amount of money in trust deed investing. Typically, you can begin with as little as $20,000. When you invest in your own property it costs much more. Flipping a house, for example, will cost you much more than $20,000. Trust deed investing will give you just as good of a return as flipping a house if not better, which is why this investment is so lucrative. Less money up front and just the same high returns as other investments. 


Another great part of trust deed investing is the security investors will experience. Investment, high returns, and security generally don’t go together. However, trust deed investments carry a fixed rate of return so you are aware of exactly how much money you will make. This type of investment is not affected by the market. If the market goes up or goes down, you will still receive the same amount of return. You will know from the beginning what you are investing in and what your return will be. Peace of mind comes with trust deed investing.

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