Arizona USDA Home Loan: Why would I be interested?

You can get that Arizona Home Loan you want for your dream home.
June 23, 2014
USDA Home Loans are Available for May Parts of Arizona
June 26, 2014

Arizona USDA Home Loan: Why would I be interested?

Arizona USDA Home Loan: Why would I be interested?

There has been a lot of talk about Arizona USDA Home Loan lately. Why would I be interested in one for myself? What makes this a great choice for me personally?

With so many options out there for prospective home buyers, it can become confusing and frustrating as you try to make the right choice. It will be easier to make the choice that is best for you and your family if you have all the information in front of you. Let me help by outlining some of the most important aspects of an Arizona USDA Home Loan.

      Arizona USDA home loan is a good option for those of you thatare concerned about the initial cost of home loans. The USDA home loan offers100% financing! What a wonderful feeling it will be when you have the opportunity to purchase and do not have to worry about the down payment! Along with that wonderful feeling, be comforted in knowing that an Arizona USDA home loan has some of the lowest interest rates. You would be very hard pressed to find rates like this in the whole entire nation. Also, there is no umbrella. That means that hypothetically you have no limit on the amount you can borrow. Of course, that is hypothetically, as you will be evaluated on many other factors. But with all of those perks, it is obvious that, if you qualify, this is a wonderful option.

      Those qualifications can be a little tricky. The Arizona USDA home loan can be a great option for the hopeful home buyer but it comes with pretty tight specifications and many requirements that limit who can qualify. The biggest one is that you cannot purchase a home with an Arizona USDA home loan in an area

that is not considered rural. The USDA has certain guidelines that spell out what is considered a rural area. If you are interested, there is a complete map that tells you what areas are allowed to be used alongside the loan. And you may be surprised at all the right shade colored in on that map. Some areas close to Tucson are even considered rural. You do not have to commit to farming or ranching to receive a USDA home loan.

      Unfortunately, the restrictions do not stop with location. When you are being evaluated for an Arizona USDA home loan, they will look at your income level. Because this loan is intended for those in a lower income bracket, you will be denied if you make over 115% of the average income of the desired county. Do not despair, however, because many banks will help point out some deductions that may lower you to just the right amount. For example, being considered a student will be a deduction. But bear in mind that all incomes of the home will be considered.

      It is still incredibly vital to remember is that even if you are under the required limit of 115% of the median county’s income is that the Arizona USDA Home loan is still a loan, and the bank is very interested in your ability to pay it back. Most people must be able to show their finances for the last two years, prove that they have a good history of paying bills on time and have a current steady income with good prospects. It may seem daunting, but remember that you have a wonderful opportunity to buy your dream home. Like most dreams, it just takes some time.

      One last requirement for the Arizona USDA Home Loan is that the house your purchase must become a home. This is not a loan for those interested in investment opportunities. Even if it is just for a property, you must be able to prove your intentions of building a home that you plan to reside in.

Why is the Arizona USDA Home Loan such a good opportunity?

When making such an important decision, it is not un heard of to want a little background on the Arizona USDA Home Loan. He fact of the matter is that the United States Department of Agriculture wants to make living in rural areas more appealing to more people. That means more stability and improvement in people’s lives. That is how the Arizona USDA Home Loan came about. They provide a loan for those who would like to own a home but need more assistance than they are currently getting, or would be able to get, from a bank. The USDA home loan is actually a government insured loan, meaning that the actual money will come from the bank. But the government will pay the bank the money back if something goes wrong. Most banks would not dream of offering such a great deal on a loan, simply because it is too risky to their bottom line. That is why they banks are able to offer the amazing benefits, something that may be a little too risky for them otherwise.

I have so many more questions. How can I really make sure this is the right loan for me? How can I know if I can even be accepted?

There are many people who are just waiting to help you with your questions! Some great places to look for them are the banks themselves, as well as USDA offices throughout the area. Not all banks or businesses offer the Arizona USDA Home Loan, but plenty do!  Take advantage of all this great information and come one step closer to fulfilling your dream of being a home owner in the great state of Arizona! 

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