Everything A Beginner Needs to Know About Trust Deed Investing

The Easiest Way to Make A Trust Deed Investment
December 13, 2013
Everything A Beginner Needs to Know About Trust Deed Investing
December 13, 2013
non-performing notes

non-performing notes

As you know by now, Trust deed investing is a very simple way to make a little extra cash just by investing in projects you really believe in. We think that really, there’s never been a better time to consider trust deed investing. Now is the time!

However, there are some things that people have to get straight before they start working with trust deed investing. First of all, you have to understand that a mortgage is much different from trust deed investing. There are many different steps and paper work as well as three principal beings in a trust deed investment that a mortgage does not; the borrower or the trustor, the lender or the beneficiary, and the trustee. The Trustee is the person who actually purchases the property and in the end, if the trustee is paid as promised, then they won’t have any claim to the property. Remember though that in a trust deed investment, if the borrower does in fact default then trustee takes back the mortgaged property.

Furthermore, if you are beginning to look into trust deed investment, then you need to look into properties that interest you. The chances of you owning a property you don’t like if a Mortgage defaults is huge, so make sure you like it! Inspect all your properties yourself and be cautious when making your trust deed investments. It could make all the difference.

Non-Performing Notes

That being said, do be on the lookout for non-performing notes for sale. This kind of secured debt sounds ominous, but it could bring you lots of money because these non-performing notes for sale are sold at steep discounts. Keep these things in mind when you are making your trust deed investments. We assure you that you will be glad that you did. 

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