Benefits of Using Hard Money Lenders

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April 26, 2018
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April 30, 2018

Still in search for funding for your Real Estate Investment Project? There is a tremendous amount of capital available in today’s market and hard money lenders are funding their share.

From hard money lenders, bank credit cards, lines of credit, private lenders, retirement funds and traditional bank loans, real estate investors are finding the capital they need for their next big project. Hard money loans have not always had fair press, though these types of loans have been a dependable way to fund deals for decades.

The funds come from a group of individuals or a single individual who lends on their own terms. They base their decision on the collateral of the deal. With traditional lending, if your credit score falls below a certain amount then it will be impossible for you to get funded, regardless of the circumstances. Because hard money lenders set their own criteria, they can often fund projects that have been denied by traditional banks. The higher risk is associated with somewhat higher interest rates. They also work quickly to get projects funded, usually within seven days or quicker. A few of the benefits of using Hard Money Lenders are:

1) Speed–Regardless of what your offer is the speed in which you can close is more important. Conventional loans can take up to 45 days to close and many conventional lenders have been burned on deals that never closed due to the lengthy closing time. When you place your offer, a seller may take a little less knowing that the property can close in 5 to 7 days.

2) Volume – Over the course of a year, closing time within a few weeks means a few more rehab projects which will generate greater returns to the bottom line.

3) Quality–With Hard Money in your corner, you can be assured that what needs to be done will be done correctly and you do not have to cut corners to save money. You will earn a better reputation for quality work and more projects.

Bigger Projects

Knowing that you have a hard money lender behind you can help you build up to bigger projects over time. You start with a single family unit and build up to multi-family and commercial properties. Looking at various projects you may or may not want to use a hard money lender. There might be some projects that a four percent interest rate will benefit you while some rehab projects demand the speed that hard money offers. The goal, eventually, is to build enough capital that you are able to fund projects yourself without any outside funding.

With hard money lenders behind you, you have the option to look at all projects that come your way.

The fees and interest rates for hard money loans can be higher, but the speed in which you can get a project funded may be worth the extra expense. In a short-term deal, this is a small price to pay to finish a rehab and flip the property. It is worth the relationship with a hard money lender as well as other financing options for choice on a project-by-project basis.

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