Which type of Hard money loan is right for you?

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April 26, 2018
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April 28, 2018

The “hard “asset being financed secures a typical hard money loan. But there are different types of asset-based loans, so how can you figure out which one is right for given your specific circumstances?

Asset- based lenders consider the value of the property which secures the loan rather than a borrowers credit score, so this type of loan can be more accessible for some borrowers.

The application process is easier than a traditional bank loan as borrowers don’t need to provide extensive financial documentation in most cases.

Typical types of asset-based loans include commercial, renovation and cash-out refinance loans. Businesses rather than individuals take out commercial loans.This type of loan is short term, and it is not typically used to purchase real estate or to make long-term investments. Instead commercial loans should be used to cover short-term costs like equipment or inventory.

Borrowers use renovation loans to improve a property and then resell it for a profit. Refinance loans allow borrowers to quickly purchase a property and then later refinance to a traditional mortgage.

So what are some specific situations and how do they relate to these particular types of asset-based loans?

Evaluate your situation to determine which type of hard money loan is right for you

An asset-based loan could be a good solution if your business has sufficient collateral and you cant secure financing from a regular bank. If you want to renovate a distressed property, an asset-based lender is your best bet. Few banks are willing to issue renovation loans because raising the required capital is made difficult by government regulations. Traditional lenders also deem such projects too risky because there is a high risk of default if the borrower’s project doesn’t go according to plan.

A cash-out refinance loan can be ideal if you want to purchase an investment property quickly. A traditional mortgage can take several months to close. A cash-out refinance loan allows you to make the initial purchase while giving you the option to refinance to a long-term mortgage at a later date.

Whatever circumstances asset-based loans provide you with flexibility, but any lender you approach should be transparent and willing to offer advice.

Beware of hard money lenders that cant offer you specific advice about which loan is right for you

There are other types of asset-based loans of course, but a good lender will carefully consider your situation to find the option that can best meet your needs. You should look elsewhere if a lender isn’t transparent or is unable to give you insight into your specific situation.

A commercial loan can be great for businesses owners with a lot of collateral, but who are ineligible for regular financing. A renovation loan can allows you to improve and resell a distressed property, and a cash out-refinance loan allows you to complete time-sensitive transactions. In short, asset-based loans are easier to qualify for, can be used to make speculative investments and can close quickly to complete time-sensitive purchases. Carefully consider your specific situation to find the type of loan to meet your financing needs.

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