Commercial Real Estate: How To Find Leads

Commercial Real Estate Property: Your Quick and Dirty Guide To Fixing and Flipping
July 9, 2016
Commercial Real Estate: Fix and Flip Tips
July 9, 2016
When you are just starting out in the commercial real estate business you
have to always keep your head on a swivel. There is always a property to be
sold; always a flip to be made. You just have to go out and find it.
The commercial real estate business can be a crucible when you are just starting out. One
of the biggest obstacles many beginners face is finding out where the next
potential buy is. If you ask most professionals in the trade, they will tell
you it is usually word of mouth that gets helps them find their prospective
buy. Some will tell you looking through public records is the best way to find
a new property. These are just a small few ways that you can go about finding
your first buy, but you have many options if you look closely.
Word of mouth is possibly the best way to find out
where the best prospects are for investing. The first place you could go to is
your family. Most of the time they are best places to start. The commercial real estate business is about
making and having connections. You want to make sure that you start making
connections with people that are on the ground floor of the market that you
want to corner. Having your ear to the street will give you a lot of leads when
you are beginning.
Being a people person is a lot of the battle in the commercial real estate business; you
have to be able to talk to different people without fear. Being extroverted is
a great trait that you could use to your potential. Everyone likes someone that
is personable. However, it is possible to be introverted.
Another way you could figure out where some potential
properties is by mentioning to people that you are in the commercial real estate business. Just by giving people your
business card or the link to your website in passing opens up many different

in the commercial real estate business
are extremely important

This is the age of social media, with a swipe of a
finger or a quick click of a mouse puts you in contact with millions of people.
The same model can be applied to commercial real estate. If you are having trouble finding where the best lots are
located or when the next foreclosure is happening a tweet could suffice. You
could keep up with certain hashtags that involve your business such as #CRE. You
could also send a massive email chain could also help you find some new
clients.  You also want to make sure that
you keep up with the plethora of blogs and forums that are online. You usually
will have some that could give you the rundown on a city you may want to start
plotting investments.

all else fails the commercial real
business will always have something around you just have to go



Sometimes you just have to trust your gut and go cold
searching for a property that you may be interested in. Many investors will
drive around popular neighborhoods and cities looking for distressed or derelict
properties that need a little refurbishment. This is called, “driving to
dollars,” in the commercial real estate
world. Depending on your experience this will be the first or last thing you

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