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January 25, 2020
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If you have driven down any major streets in Arizona, you have seen medical marijuana dispensaries. Thinking of opening a small business? A dispensary may be a great option. But, how do you get a loan for an Arizona medical marijuana dispensary?

Even though there are many states that have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana—it still isn’t considered “legal” by the federal government. What that means to entrepreneurs looking to open a dispensary is a traditional bank will likely not lend to a borrower for this purpose. And, in all reality, it may be a very long time until banks will be willing to lend to this industry. It is a very gray area when it comes to the Feds, the banks and the marijuana dispensary industry.

Even if the Feds approved of lending to dispensaries—banks still feel there are a lot of risks involved and not enough protection. The guidelines are so vague, making lending too risky, for the banks to conduct any marijuana related business.


Non-Traditional lending institutions are able to give loans to borrowers looking to open an Arizona marijuana dispensary. Every startup business needs funding to succeed in their market. If a borrower is looking to open a boutique or a restaurant they can simply get a Arizona small business loan from a bank, but because of the ambiguous legal issues when it comes to marijuana related business federal banks won’t participate in lending. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) will not insure a bank that takes on what they view as excessive risks—these would include loans that may be in violation of federal law. A non-traditional lending institution does not have to adhere to federal requirements as do traditional lending institutions.

Many private investors are backing medical marijuana businesses Private investors will typically require that a dispensary is incorporated, has a monthly gross sales of at least $8,000, has a business banking account and have a minimum credit score of 500. Private investors use the equity of the property as the collateral to secure the loan. If you live in a state, such as Colorado, there are a few banks that will work with a marijuana based business. However, in Arizona it is only legal for medical use and banks will not lend to marijuana dispensaries. Using a private investor in Arizona will allow a borrower to not only get a loan for the real estate, but also to purchase equipment necessary for a startup business.

Securing financing for a medical marijuana dispensary can be quite challenging, but the potential financial rewards are huge.

Marijuana based businesses are rapidly growing. If you are looking for a small business that there is a high demand for—a medical marijuana dispensary is well worth looking into. Get yourself an Arizona private investor that will work with you and help you achieve your dreams.

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