Get ready, the Donald is getting ready to SCREW YOU!

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April 1, 2018
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Get ready, the Donald is getting ready to SCREW YOU!

iStock_000067965589_XXX small (1)Whoa, are you ready for it? You are going to get screwed! I don’t think the Donald is going to actively go out of his way to cause you harm.

You see his hands are tied, but he has to do something before it is too late.

I don’t know if you have noticed it yet, but there is an ugly monster in the corner of your room, and under your bed who is fast asleep, and quietly taking no action.

Don’t believe me? Ask our kids, they will tell you also.

It’s a horrible monster, who when it wakes is going to eat you alive; you, your family, your savings and everything around you.

It’s going to be horrible, like something you and I have never seen.

Luckily the monster is asleep and causing little harm.

BUT the Donald knows it is there lurking in your room.

He’s keeping an eye on it and figuring out a way to KILL IT before it awakes.

Kill it in in its sleep; get it now.

I don’t know if he can, but he’s working on it.

So what’s this monster look like?

It’s the trillions of dollars in debt that is inching up every day.

It’s going to get you!

The Donald said that when it reaches 20 Trillion it’s to longer fixable, past the point of no return. (It’s past 20 Trillion now) It’s beyond the path of control.

It’s going to become a living monster that is going to get us. All of us.

However, the Donald is working on a plan to kill it.

Basically there are three options possible to kill it.

Option 1. The first plan that the Donald is trying to do is what he said in his campaign.

Make America Great again. What does this mean? It means getting our GDP up to historic levels. Not just 3%, but even higher. How about a 10% GDP? When we are booming, our cash flow can kill the monster. 

That’s what he is hoping for. Kill it with growth. Make so much money that the trillion of dollars can be paid off with a week’s worth of income.

Possible? I don’t know, but this path is the least painful path, compared to the two other Options that will kill the monster.

Option 2 is to inflate it away.

That’s it. Devalue the dollar to the point that 20 Trillion is nothing. Give everyone a pay check that is 10 times more than they are making today. Prices go up, income goes up, but the debt stays where it is.

This is possible, and the Donald thinks that this could happen. The recent tax plan made sure that your taxes rates were indexed to inflation. Wow, did you see that? If the dollar crashes our effective tax rate stays the same. We will be paying a boat load of money in taxes, but your effective tax rate is not going to go up.

Option 3 is to pay it off.

Good luck with that option.

There is not enough income to pay it off. It would require doubling EVERONES’ taxes for the next 10 years and cutting social security and all entitlements out completely. No more handouts anywhere for anything.

Don’t think this is going to happen.

Another option that most politician are taking, is to leave it alone and hope it does not wake up.

But it’s going to wake up.

It’s past the point of no return.

The wakeup alarm is ringing and the monster is starting to wake up.

Do you see it in the corner, starting to stretch its ugly muscles?

Its Yawning and scratching its back and with one ugly, mean eye open looking directly at YOU!

It’s going to get you, so get ready!

Dennis Dahlberg
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