The Top Differences to Watch for with Private Hard Money Lenders

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April 2, 2018
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April 2, 2018

The Top Differences to Watch for with Private Hard Money Lenders

While there are over 600 private hard money lenders in the U.S., no two are created equal. Understand the differences and what to look for when choosing a lender for your next project.

Looking for a short-term loan quickly? Need 7 to 10 days? Looking to purchase residential and commercial property for purchase and renovation? Obtaining quick capital via a private hard money lender may be your best option. In fact, this is one of the primary forms of financing for first-time real estate investors. Let’s take a look at what are the marked differences among the various lenders.

Some private hard money lenders focus on properties in relatively good condition, while others will fund properties in poor condition if you come aboard with a good business plan and the numbers to back it up. This includes an in-depth look at renovation costs, time frame, and market. You will also need to include the monthly costs that you’ll incur during the renovation process such as utilities, insurance, loan interest and property tax. Some companies and private investors loan only on the LTV or loan-to-value, while others will consider the ARV or after-repair-value. For instance, some will issue a loan up to 80 percent of the LTV or 70 percent of the ARV. If your model is to rehab properties in poor condition for a fix & flip, you’ll want to be sure to ask your potential investor which value they consider when funding a project.

Buy-and-hold investors, on the other hand, obtain private hard money lenders in order to ensure quick capital. After renovation is complete, they look to more traditional loans for longer terms and lower interest rates. You’ll find many private investors that specialize in one segment of real estate. For instance, there are hard money lenders that invest only in the office or multifamily segments, while others focus on the fix-and-flip model. You’ll want to be sure to find one that is comfortable and knowledgeable in your area. There are even hard money lenders that fund residential loans. These are, in most cases, considered bridge loans—short term loans that bridge from one property to another such as when home owners buy a new home before their old home sells.

Interest Rates and Average Lender Fees

Going into this arena of commercial lending, it’s important to be aware that the interest rates are going to be higher than conventional mortgages because the hard money loans are shorter terms, interest-only payments, and increased risk for lenders. The interest payments are considered “holding costs” and are monthly fees incurred prior to selling or refinancing. These interest-only payments result in lower monthly payments. When you agree to a loan with a hard money lender, there can also be what are known as “loan origination fees” or “points.” Additional fees that the borrower may be required to pay include closing costs, appraisal costs, application fees, prepayment penalties and loan extension penalties.

At Level 4 Funding, we offer loans from 7.99 percent APR with 90 percent LTV.

In addition, we do not charge prepayment penalties and can often fund within days. Because we work with hundreds of private investors, we can usually find an investor in your niche who can offer you the best terms and rates for your project. Call us today for a no-obligation quote.

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