Reasons to use a hard money loan for your next fix and flip project

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March 25, 2018
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March 25, 2018

A hard money loan (or an asset-based loan) offers you the benefits of flexible terms and quick approval. Learn why you should consider this type of loan for your next fix and flip project.

Fixing and flipping single-family homes is the subject of many popular television programs and no doubt most readers will be familiar with the process. An investor purchases a single family home, upgrades and repairs it and then sells it for a profit. Every fix and flip project has the same goals, to maximize market value, minimize the cost of renovations and to sell the property in the shortest time possible. But starting any fix and flip project also comes with the added cost of the financing.

Consider using a “hard” money loan to finance your fix and flip project. The value of the investment property secures this type of loan. This type of lender is likely to consider the potential value you can achieve with your project, instead of your credit score. Hard money loans can clear within a matter of days, which makes them ideal when you need to act quickly on a great investment opportunity.

A hard money loan can be the ideal financing solution for your house flipping project

A traditional mortgage will be hard to secure if your investment property is particularly distressed.The majority of regular banks fund their loans by selling them to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.More than likely your property will fall short of FHA guidelines, making the sale of the mortgage to Fannie or Freddie impossible.

Traditional lenders are also wary about the potential for default should your project not go according to plan. Generally it is not worth the effort for a regular lender to underwrite your loan or to thoughtfully consider your proposals.

Most asset-based lenders consider the potential of your project rather than your credit score or your properties current condition. If you are a seasoned house flipper, or you can talk up your specific plans, more than likely you can qualify for a asset based loan. Asset-based loans can also close quickly which allows you to take advantage of immediate investment opportunities.

If you intend to flip a home in Arizona consider using Level Four Funding as your hard money lender

Level 4 Funding offers short-term financing which is ideal for house flipping projects. Levels 4 offers interest-only loans which gives you the benefit of lower monthly payments. Level 4 Funding can also finance to 85 percent of your next house flipping project, whereas most other asset-based lenders usually only offer up to 75 percent. With Level 4 Funding you’ll need to spend less of your own money up front to get your project started. Level 4 Funding offers flexible loan terms, with a minimum term of less than a month allowing you to pay off the loan at your convenience.Level 4 Funding can also close loans within a matter of days, which will help you get your project started quickly.

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