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March 24, 2018
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When it comes to refinancing commercial loans, you naturally want to qualify for the largest loan with the best terms. Learn some strategies to help you refinance your commercial mortgage

Once your commercial mortgage matures, why should you refinance, rather than selling the property? Refinancing can improve your monthly cash flow and if your property has appreciated in value, refinancing will enable you to pull out additional equity tax-free.

There are some significant differences when comes to refinancing commercial real estate. A Residential mortgage is usually fully amortized and can have terms of up to 30 years. Commercial mortgages have shorter lifespans of 5 to 10 years, and commercial borrowers typically need to refinance their mortgages on a regular basis. But The biggest difference between commercial and residential refinancing is the impact of net operating income on commercial property values.

Improve the income you receive from commercial property to improve the terms of your commercial loan

Net operating income has a considerable impact on commercial real estate values.

The value of commercial property increases if it can generate more income, regardless of property values in the immediate area.

Before refinancing the best strategy is to increase the amount of income your property generates. By maximizing the profit you receive from a property, you increase its value and can refinance to a larger mortgage with better terms. Some strategies to maximize cash flow could include improving the number or quality of your tenants or using renovations to raise rents.

Other things to consider when it comes refinancing you commercial loan

Always seek counsel about your strategy and your specific situation, but the following tactics should help you get the best loan at the best terms.

Use refinancing as a way to reposition your investment strategy or even expand your portfolio. The additional funds you get from refinancing can be used to repay your initial loan, any initial investors, or could be used to improve the property itself. Better yet you can use the additional funds from refinancing to purchase another piece of commercial property. Therefore refinancing can be used as a strategy to expand your investment portfolio and earn more money on a monthly basis.

Refinancing in all cases should improve your monthly cash flow. Refinancing to a loan with higher monthly payments and less favorable terms is of course not a good idea. Refinancing should entail lower monthly payments or should allow you to cash out any additional equity from your investment property.

Strategize to qualify for the best loan with the best terms. Know when your current loan matures and invest in the property accordingly. Over the duration of your loan ensure the condition of your property does not deteriorate. Better yet take consistent steps to improve your property over the term of your mortgage.

You should also aim for full occupancy before refinancing. Most lenders will offer favorable terms on properties with 90 percent occupancy over a period of 90 days. Losing tenants will drastically reduce the income from the property and therefore reduce its value.

In the end, the crux of refinancing a commercial loan is to optimize the profits a property can generate which will enable you to refinance at the best terms.

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