Why Hard Money Lenders Only Fund 75% of a Property’s Value

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March 24, 2018
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March 25, 2018

Understanding why hard money lenders will only finance 75% of a property’s value will allow you to be better prepared for requesting a loan. It will also help you to understand what other factors can make your request more desirable to lenders.

Loan to value ratio is the most critical factor to all hard money lenders when they are evaluating a loan request. In general, the loan amount cannot exceed 75% of the current market value of the property. This is because the property is being used as the collateral for the loan, which is not unusual. Home mortgages are secured by the home being purchased as well. But in the case of commercial properties there is more information that must be taken into consideration.

Unlike home values which are fairly static, commercial property values are much more volatile. There are several events which can impact a commercial property’s value which are not considered to be factors in residential property values. The economy has a much greater impact on commercial properties the residential. A downturn in the economy or a single industry does not extend to every consumer who owns a home, but it does have an impact on every business. And as competitive as industry is in the country, a slight downturn in the economy is certain to cause some businesses to fail.

Likewise, a downturn in a certain industry would not cause all of the homeowners in a neighborhood to sell their homes or abandon them. But it could result in many businesses closing in a single area which would quickly drop the value of commercial properties in the area. All of these factors must be considered when a commercial property is being used as collateral.

The Hard Money Lenders Thought Process

Knowing that the value of commercial properties can fluctuate a great deal and can change very rapidly, the lenders want to be certain to always have a way to recover their investment. This means never having the current balance of the loan near the current market value of a property. Over the years, the 25% margin has become an acceptable industry standard among hard money lenders.

How to Use This Knowledge

Knowing that the market value of a property is critical to getting hard money approved, there are ways that you can build additional confidence with a lender. Selecting a property in an area that is thriving is always smart. Also, selecting a property which is not dependent on a single industry is helpful. Knowing that any business could use the property provides more options to rent or sell the property at a better price in the future. In addition, location can have a huge impact on the perceived value of the property and therefore its actual value. Being easily accessible is important for any business who relies on consumers visiting their location. So a property near an expressway or major street is more desirable than a location in a rural area or one that is difficult to drive to. Consider all of these factors and try to select a property which will hold its value well. This will make your loan request much more appealing to a lender.

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