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Loan Amount $300,000
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Loan Amount $450,000
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Loan Amount $485,000
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Top 4 Ways to Maximize Your Return When Working with Spec home investors in Arizona

If you’re working with spec home investors in Arizona to complete a project, getting top ROI will line your pockets and make your next project all that more appealing to people who can help you fund it. There are a few ticks of the trade that can help.

1) Consider infill lots. Oftentimes, cities have unutilized or underutilized parcels. To the eye of an average person, these are still unusable pieces of dirt. To the builder or investor, they may be the ideal choice. After all, people prefer to live close to work, and these spots tend to offer shorter commutes. They also already have access to necessities, like power, water, and sewer hookups.

2) Look for parcels you can divide. Even if you don’t plan to build right away, it will improve the earning potential of a plot of land if it’s big enough to split into two or more plots.

3) Offer what the tract builders can’t. It’s hard for tract builders to offer uniqueness. They may try by creating a few different elevations, but it does little to help because, no matter how they address it, they’re still putting up the same house over and over again. By adding novel touches and upgrades, even buyers who might have headed to the suburbs despite the drive into work may stop to check out what you’ve created.

4) Have plans to market from the start. Ideally, you should have the house sold before construction is even finished. Doing something as simple as posting a sign on the property that mentions when it will be done and what the asking price is will help generate more interest. You can give prospective buyers a little nudge by offering to let them customize a few of the house’s features if they sign before a specific deadline.

If You Can Complete One Project Successfully, Getting Funding Becomes Easier

Experience is a boon when it comes to securing funding through spec home investors in Arizona. They have more confidence in plans once you have a proven track record. Moreover, the terms you’re offered will improve as risk declines as well. If you feel like lack of experience could be a barrier to getting financing the first time, consider bringing on a partner who has experience in areas you don’t.

Be prepared to pivot when the market cycles.

As you become more accustomed to the market in your area, you’ll get a fee l for when new homes stop selling. Many people who normally build from scratch will catch this early on and make a shift to something like fix-and-flips instead, and then revert to new builds again when demand returns. If you’ve developed a good relationship with your spec home investors in Arizona, you can often return to them for both types of projects. That way, you’re always getting top ROI for everything you’re involved in and your money is free to be applied to new projects, rather than tied up in a home that isn’t moving.

How to Secure Speculative Building Financing in Arizona

There are several key points that will influence securing Speculative Building Financing in Arizona. Understand what these are so that funding for your spec home or building is effortless and quick.

There are several factors that will influence Speculative Building Financing in Arizona:

  • Prices of houses in the market you are looking at
  • The absorption rates of the homes in the market you are looking at
  • How healthy is the job market
  • How sustainable is the infrastructure in the area that you are looking at
  • The amenities in the area
  • The specific designs and tastes of the homes in the area

In new home construction, approximately three-quarters of the new single-family homes in 2016 were built on speculation.  Although Speculative Building Financing in Arizona can be challenging, it also can be very lucrative. There are two types of new homes—one is built on speculation and the other is custom built. A spec home is the construction of a new home with no identified buyer while a custom-built home is a home that has been commissioned by an individual buyer.

Mixed-use property as well as commercial and single-family homes can all be built on speculation.  However, spec homes are mostly entry level homes and affordable homes built in upcoming communities. The spec home is built in an existing development.  Tract home construction is also used by developers and investors.  These are homes of similar square footage, materials and floor plans are located within a single development.

Speculative Building Financing in Arizona -- Spec Home Construction loans  in Arizona

These loans are short-term in nature and carry interest-only payments during construction.  A balloon payment is due when the house is sold.  The mortgage from the buyer pays off the construction loan. Loan requirements vary widely.  The range that is offered by lenders is from zero-down financing to 50 percent or more equity.  You may be required to have some equity in the land to qualify for the loan. You will need to have demonstrated your experience in building spec homes as well as a review of your financial statements and tax records.  To assure the lender that you have enough cash to complete the project, a proof of funds may be required.

The lender will review the condition of the property and the location.  They will also need to have clear title.  A professional business plan will be required.  This will include the information on your team, the subcontractors you will use, detailed budget, blueprints, loan draw schedule and work schedule.  The selling price of projects in the area will also support your request for financing.

Any investor in a spec home will need a thorough understanding of the local housing market.  All costs will ultimately be passed on to the purchaser of the home, so you will need to balance costs and features in the home to make the home sell. 

Controlling costs and stability are two advantages to build on spec.  While there are unforeseen problems with rehabbing, new construction has few.  All spec homes are not guaranteed to sell; you risk the home not selling if the home doesn’t meet the local needs of the buyers, overbuilding, and a home that does not get the sales price, resulting in a net loss. We, at Level 4 Funding, have financed many an investor looking to build their first or their fiftieth spec home. Call us for a no-obligation quote.