The Benefits of Preparing a Solid Business Plan Before Applying for Commercial Real Estate Loans Texas

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October 1, 2017
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October 1, 2017

The Benefits of Preparing a Solid Business Plan Before Applying for Commercial Real Estate Loans Texas

4page_img3Don’t get discourage if you think it’s too difficult to get approval for commercial real estate loans Texas. One solid way to obtain approval is to have a good business plan that will help convince lenders to approve your loan.

There are many important criteria that banks and lenders look for when reviewing commercial real estate loans Texas. However, even without 700 + credit scores, you can be eligible for a loan if you have a very solid business plan. Discover some ways to build a strong business plan.

A good business plan starts with a summary. A summary consists of a solid statement for the outline of the plan. Within the summary, you should give the reader an idea of exactly what you want to do with your company, what you need to make that happen (i.e. the loan you are requesting) and how you will use the loan to make your company succeed. The summary should be the first thing after the title page of the business plan.

The second thing to include is an outline about your company and the industry in which you work. Banks and lenders may not understand the market or the direction of your company. So it’s best to assume they don’t know about your specific niche and give them the information they need to make a good decision (such as approving your loan!). Give some market specific information (such as why the products/service you intend to provide are in demand or in a growing market).

Thirdly, a market analysis is another important aspect of your business plan to obtain commercial real estate loans Texas. Banks are all about numbers — so you should be prepared to show them the hard numbers and the elements of how your company is positioned in the market for success. Include a detailed market strategy of your own, an analysis of other successful (or not so successful) businesses in your industry. You can leverage your company, and how you would do things differently, in this way.

Does a business plan really determine if you are able to get a loan or not?

Having a solid business plan is certainly one aspect that banks and lenders look at when reviewing a loan. However, it’s not the only thing. There are other factors such as your credit history, financial statements, and other items. But if you are able to provide proof and information about how you can manage your finances, develop business strategies to grow your business, this is a good way to get lenders and banks on your side.

Your business plan should be a presentation about your company, and serve as a strategy to convince banks or lenders to approve your loan.

Having a unique and solid business plan is very important when it comes to getting commercial real estate loans Texas approved. Spend some time on your business plan so that is expressly details exactly what your company plan is and how you will ensure that it is successful.

Using the proper tools to present your business plan is crucial. Presenting in a clean and easy way with real numbers, facts, and any hard data you have to “prove your case” can be beneficial to your commercial real estate loan approval.


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