Tips on Getting Commercial Loans Texas

Tips for Building a Relationship for Commercial Loans Texas
October 1, 2017
What You Need to Know About Commercial Loans Texas
October 1, 2017

Tips on Getting Commercial Loans Texas

3page_img1-bigGetting commercial loans Texas is not as simple as many business owners might think. There are many tips out there but the best all center on being prepared.

Commercial loans Texas are a necessary evil just as any debt is. Due to the overwhelming cost of a commercial property, it is unlikely that just about any business could afford to purchase property without some type of loan. It is a big step to take and one that you should carefully prepare for to ensure that you have the most success possible.

The biggest factor in your approval for commercial loans Texas is your creditworthiness. The lender is going to ask for many different documents to evaluate the financial health of your company and possibly even the personal financial condition of the owners. You will need to prepare a copy of your business plan, financial records including tax forms, bank statements and P & L statements as well as cash flow documentation. It is also important that all of the information be as current as possible. Having this packet of information prepared lets the lenders know that you have invested time and effort into the process and that you are serious about purchasing property.

You also need to be prepared from a financial standpoint. You will need to be in a position to pay certain fees associated with the loan and the down payment for the property. In most cases, a lender will only finance about 75% of the cost of the property so having that remaining balance available in cash is critical. You will also need to pay some fees such as a loan application fee, a loan processing fee or appraisal fees. You might also want to investigate getting your own independent appraisal done to have an unbiased estimate on the property value. Also be prepared to pay for environmental reports on the property. Most lenders now require these reports to ensure that the property is not contaminated.

Manage Your Time

A great deal on a commercial property usually means that the property will sell quickly. For that reason you will want to be sure to begin your application for commercial loans Texas as quickly as possible. It is well known that commercial lenders will greatly overestimate the speed at which they can process your application. They will quote you 45 days but in most cases it will drag out to over three months. Don’t let a great property get away while you are still completing application documents.

More Knowledge is Always Good

Understanding the process for applying and getting approved for a loan is critical to your success. Having a plan in place to meet the criteria and requests of the lender will make the process less stressful and can even decrease the time it takes to get approved. As with most things in the business world, you will get as much back as you invest in a project. So the time it takes to prepare documents, complete research and make a professional presentation is a good investment in your company’s future.


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