What To Look For In A Redevelopment Project Before Taking Out A Commercial Loan

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September 14, 2017
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September 14, 2017

What To Look For In A Redevelopment Project Before Taking Out A Commercial Loan

3page_img2Location is vital when picking out a building for redevelopment, but that’s just the start. There are several factors to consider before your company is prepared to take out a commercial loans.

Innovative redevelopment projects remain the closest thing the commercial real estate industry has to a sure bet at the moment. It’s not surprising why these properties are so valuable, considering the old real estate adage that encourages investors to pick up the crummiest house in a nice neighborhood. When the location and fundamental are sound, all it should take is a few tactical investments and smart marketing to turn a struggling Class B property into a Class A asset.

That’s why so many companies, likely yours included, have mused the possibility of taking out a Commercial Loans to invest into an office, industrial or multifamily redevelopment project. Look for the following qualities when evaluating potential targets for investment. The more ideal the property you choose is for redevelopment, the more you stand to make back on your investment.

● Versatile Marketing Potential – The most suitable candidates for redevelopment are those properties that have the greatest potential for a wide variety of projects. An office building that could be sectioned off into multiple, smaller offices, for example, offers more flexibility than a single-floor industrial facility. Focus your investments on properties that give your business the most paths to success.

● History Of Income Generation – Chances are that if you are looking at a property for redevelopment, the building’s current income generation is not ideal. That being said, it pays to look into the history of the facility. Was there a time where the property was performing well? What kind of customers used to frequent the businesses that rented space the building? A once successful establishment is much easier to turn around than one that never attracted business in the first place.

● Established Traffic Flow – Location, as always, in extremely pertinent to real estate transactions. In the case of redevelopment, learn as much as you can about the businesses surrounding a potential property asset. Their customers make up the traffic flow that is already present near your investment. If your company’s redevelopment strategy targets these consumers, your company is already in a good position to get back the full value of its commercial loan.

● Removable External Fixtures – First impressions are extremely important, especially when it comes to getting individuals to take a second look at a struggling property. You want the building’s exterior to broadcast quality, innovation and class. The easier it is to provide a facelift, the more likely you are to make a big splash with your redevelopment project. Properties with removable external features are ideal for redevelopment because they can be quickly replaced and refreshed with modern, eye-catching accents.

Cost-Effective Improvements Allow You To Fully Leverage Your Commercial Loan

The more you understand the types of consumers that frequent the spaces near your investment property, the more you can tailor your improvements to their needs and expectations. Being able to narrow in your approach to improvements will help reduce costs.

Clever redevelopment projects promise serious return for savvy investors

Ready to invest in a prime redevelopment opportunity? Your business can get the capital it needs right now by working an experienced private lender.

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