Commercial Lending Requirements

What Sort Of Options Can You Expect From Commercial Lenders?
January 30, 2017
Understanding Commercial Lending Basics
January 30, 2017

Commercial Lending Requirements

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Commercial lending despite its many incentives is no walk in the park. In other words, there are things you need to understand as well as have on-hand in order to move forward with the commercial lending process and future business endeavor.)

As you know, commercial lending wants start-ups and well-established businesses to succeed. However, just like any other kind of lending or financing, there are requirements and regulations. Therefore, if you trying your hand at securing commercial financing, it may be helpful to know what those standard requirements and regulations are.

For instance, as a savvy business owner, you clearly understand what collateral is and how can be used to secure any kind of financing. But, when it comes to commercial loans, collateral is only a requirement if you are a newer business or rather start-up. The reasoning behind collateral in this instance is the simple fact that start-ups do not possess a long credit history. Moreover, speaking of credit, it is important to note that even a well-established business may need to rely on or resort to the use of collateral because they simply do not meet the standard requirement for above average business and/or personal credit.

Furthermore, collateral in the commercial world of lending does not always mean your house or car. In fact, most businesses that resort to using collateral to secure commercial financing use their business assets such as their accounts receivables. What is more that often a company’s accounts receivables are not enough, thus if you go this route you will likely have to pledge your accounts receivable, a percentage of your inventory and possibly even your personal assets like your home or vehicle. Consequently, when the term collateral comes up in reference to commercial financing it is important to know what that really entails.


Commercial Lending Regulations

Of course, there is much more to commercial financing besides above average credit and the possible need for collateral. For example, you will not get too far with your dreams of commercial financing if you do not have a solid business plan. Sure, there are some exceptions to this rule, but you are really only hurting yourself in the long run if you do not take the time to devise a clear plan for your financing. Moreover, you will be hard pressed to find a lending institution that did not want to know what your projected plans were with “their money”. Therefore, it is safe to say that a business plan is more than a requirement. Similarly, if you are using collateral and disclosing your credit history, you need to have complete documentation. This means details on all things financial, accounts receivable, accounts payables, tax returns, and insurance documentation—just to name a few.


Commercial Lending – Your Eligibility

Ultimately, these are just a few of the long list of requirements and regulations that you will come across during the lending process, but, nevertheless, these are the major requirements of most commercial financial institutions. Thus, you should have these above-mentioned things together before you take your potential business venture any further.

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