Commercial Mortgages in Texas Could Face a Potential High Risk Due to Hurricane Harvey

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September 20, 2017
Hard Money Commercial Loans Texas
September 20, 2017

Commercial Mortgages in Texas Could Face a Potential High Risk Due to Hurricane Harvey

Many are having a hard time figuring out just how to evaluate the impact that Hurricane Harvey had on commercial mortgages in Texas along with other factors of the economy. This is crucial to Houston and other areas in southeastern Texas because they were already seeing some troubling issues in this department before the record-breaking storm hit the area.

It is reported by that Hurricane Harvey caused major flooding in Houston and the surrounding areas, breaking rainfall records whole hitting an estimated $19.4 billions dollars in properties financed by commercial mortgages in Texas. A total of 18 counties in Texas that home these properties have officially been declared disaster areas. In fact, Harris County alone had just $16 billion dollars in properties that were hit hard and saw destruction by the category 4 storm.

High vacancy rates in the Houston area were an issue well before Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southeastern Texas. The vacancy rate was the highest the area has seen since 1994, nearing 19 percent at the end of the 2nd quarter of this year. That happens to be a 14 percent increase in vacancies in just the short time of three years. Since Texas has been working on recovering from that, it could be even more challenging because of the major flooding that damaged the area brought on by Hurricane Harvey. The flooding could very well jeopardize the ability to pay-off some of these debts.

With a struggling real estate market that was already in place before the storm, most expect that the recovery time from the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey could be a long and difficult road. But luckily, some are forecasting that the damage will be recoverable and maybe even in a quicker time frame than previous hurricanes that have rocked the United States.

Local analysts try to set recovery expectations for commercial mortgages in Texas

Morningstar analysts are trying to forecast how the area will recover from Hurricane Harvey. They had a total of 10 properties in the flood zone that happened to be their largest properties backed by commercial mortgages in Texas. The company was only able to reach one of the properties, the Two Allen Center. Even though they are temporary closed, they reported no flood damage.

Commercial mortgages in Texas still need a helping hand after being hit by Hurricane Harvey

Some of the properties hit the hardest from the storm were lucky enough to have flood insurance that will cover most of the damage costs, but they still have a long road ahead of them to fully recover. Commercial mortgages in Texas were suffering before the hurricane, but hopefully the impact of Hurricane Harvey isn’t too devastating, but it could take months to get that answer. But there is some news on local properties. According to Willowbrook Mall and Deerbrook Mall’s website, their properties were closed until further notice, not stating if damages from the floods were the cause.

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