Commercial Real Estate: How Airbnb Can Be Your Ally

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July 9, 2016
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July 11, 2016

Commercial Real Estate: How Airbnb Can Be Your Ally

There are a lot of different ways to make money in the commercial real estate business. Many often choose to go the fix and flip route; refurbishing old homes and selling them at a higher price can yield a higher profit. However, Airbnb could be the most practical choice when are beginning your career.
If you have not heard of Airbnb, you most likely have been living under a rock for the past couple of years. While most of us can appreciate a nice four-star hotel sometimes you want to have something small and quaint all to yourself. This is where Airbnb comes into the picture. Vacationing like you live there is the mission of the company. Airbnb puts potential clients in contact with homeowners that list their homes for a quick and easy bed and breakfast. Most of the hosts are extremely friendly and are willing to help accommodate their guest in any way
Recently, Airbnb was awarded over $1 billion to help aid in the company’s expansion and debt facilitation. Last year, Airbnb raised over $100 million in revenue. Many people have taken to the enterprise since its inaugural year in 2008. Along with providing people with inexpensive room and board, it also can be used to make a nice profit on a weekly basis. The best part about it is being the hotelier; you can do whatever you want you.
In regard to commercial real estate, depending on where you live, listing your home on Airbnb you have a substantial takeaway at the end of a season. The way it works is Airbnb will cover the cost of insurance and advertisement; at the end, you just have to share a portion of your profit with the company.

What does Airbnb mean for commercial real estate?

Simple. Airbnb means that you can have more than one exit strategy. A lot of people feel as though the only thing they can do once they start investing is fixing and flipping. Now this is a great way to make money. However, recurring payments are much more valuable than a one-time payment. Think of it this way, a home that needs a little TLC, is placed on auction. While it needs a lot of work there is potential. The area you have chosen is ripe for tourism and nightlife. However, you have taken out a loan from a hard money lender. This mean you have a higher interest rate. You could possibly pay the house off quicker if you rent it out every summer or winter.

How to make it work for you on a commercial real estate level

With Airbnb, you can make money to pay off debts you may have and in turn you use the property to make even more money. A lot of the pricing is worked out through the city you have your property listed in. Bigger the city the more tourists want to visit. If you are good at turning around a property quickly you should look into having multiple homes in different places. Having a home near the beach in the summer and having a log cabin near the mountains allow you to have a constant flow of money your commercial real estate investment.



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